How Perpetual Swaps Can Benefit Your Trading Strategy

Perpetual swaps also known as perpetual contracts have enjoyed a massive popularity since crypto financial and derivative instruments have emerged. These derivative instruments offer unique features and benefits that can amplify and enhance your trading strategy while potentially boosting profitability. In this article, we will explore the advantages of perpetual swaps and how they can benefit your trading strategy.

No Expiry Date

One of the primary advantages of perpetual swaps is that they do not have an expiration date. Unlike traditional futures contracts that have set expiration dates, perpetual swaps allow traders to hold on to their positions indefinitely. This eliminates the need for rolling over contracts and frees traders from the hassle of managing contract expirations. This provides more flexibility in executing long term trading strategies. 

Price Tracking and Spot Market Integration

Perpetual swaps typically offer higher leverage options, allowing traders to amplify their positions and potentially increase and multiply their profits. With leverage, traders can control larger contract sizes than the funds they have in their accounts. However, it is important to note that as a trader you must exercise caution and manage leverage wisely. As this increases the risk of significant losses. Proper risk management is crucial when we utilize high leverage in perpetual swap trading.  

24/7 Trading

Perpetual swaps operate on cryptocurrency exchanges that function 24 hours a day and seven days a week. These constant working and trading availability provides traders with many opportunities to enter and exit positions at any time regardless of their geographical locations and time zones. The ability to trade around the clock, allow traders to react quickly to market movements, news events and other factors that can impact the price of the underlying asset. 

Funding Rates and Premiums

Perpetual swaps employ a unique mechanism also called as funding rates. This helps to maintain a contract price aligned with the spot market price. Funding rates are periodically exchanged between traders based on difference between contract price and the underlying asset. This mechanism helps to ensure that perpetual swaps prices stay close to the spot market price. This reduces the risk of price manipulation and enhances overall market fairness. 

Hedging Risk Management

Perpetual swaps can be a valuable tool for hedging against market fluctuations. Traders use these contracts to offset potential losses in the spot market positions. By taking opposing positions in the perpetual swaps market, traders can protect themselves from adverse price movements and limit their downside risks. Hedging with perpetual swaps can be particularly useful in during volatile market conditions or when holding large positions in the spot market.

Liquidity and Market Depth

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges offer perpetual swaps often to provide deep liquidity and a wide range of trading pairs. This liquidity allows for efficient order executions, tight spreads, and minimal slippage. Deep market liquidity is beneficial for traders as it ensures that there are ample buyers and sellers in the market, making it easier for the traders to enter and exit positions anytime they want.

Diversification Opportunities

Perpetual swap contracts offer a wide range of trading pairs including various cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. This provides traders with opportunities for diversification within their trading portfolio. By trading different assets, traders can spread their risk and potentially benefit from multiple market opportunities. Diversification is an essential risk management strategy and can help mitigate the impact of adverse price movements happening in the market.


Perpetual swaps offer several advantages that can benefit your trading strategies and journey. With no expiry date, close price tracking, high leverage options, and 24/7 trading availability are important for perpetual swaps trading. By incorporating all the above-mentioned facets, perpetual swaps serve to be an increasingly enhanced tool and helps in achieving financial goals.

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