How pandemic is affecting live concerts, coverage by THE USA PEOPLE

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In this website nowadays the top most entertainment news is that The Weekend is not nominated in Grammy Awards 2021. So Drake has shown his disappointment regarding this. He has posted a message about his disappointment. There are many others who have posted their frustrations about Grammys. Drake has also added that The Weekend’s 2020album is a good contender in this award program. If you want to grab the whole news and know the best music of The Weekend according to Drake and whoever are supporting them then just check it out The USA People website’s entertainment section.

Euphoria Episodes

If you are a big fan of Euphoria episodes then here you will get exciting news about this. Zendaya has thrown some light on the upcoming episodes of Euphoria. The first new episode of this teen drama was released on 6th December, which has given a big effect on the Euphoria watching audience. After such a big success of first season now they have decided to release its second part very soon. So if you want catch the whole news you can see it in this website.

For this pandemic the live concerts which used to took place very often in the USA is now have been shut for the pandemic. But the music has no boundaries so for a fresh start the famous musical sensation Justin Bieber made a collaboration with the American pop music duo Dan and Shay at the 2020 CMA Awards. For more information, check out on their Facebook Page.