How organizations are using Proctoring Services around the world

Online learning has exploded. Udemy, Coursera, edX, and similar learning platforms are increasing. Why? The need for re-skilling is burgeoning across the globe. This demand can also be felt in the increasing demand for talent in new technologies like blockchain and dominating fields like data science. How are employers keeping up? By using online proctoring services.

These services allow employers, skill development platforms, and educational institutions to conduct test without the supervision of a physical invigilator. Practically, this helps employers hire remote workforce via skill assessment, educational institution save space and cost of conducting examinations, and learning platforms to deliver examination and culminate a program.

How are proctored exams conducted?   

A proctored exam can be conducted in following ways —

  1. Live proctored exam—This requires the test organizing body to oversee the examinee via video streaming. A physical invigilator is appointed to oversee the test-taking candidate live. This method of conducting exams is extremely costly and non-scalable as human intervention is required.
  2. Recorded proctored exam – Test session is recorded via web came while a candidate takes the test. The record can be later reviewed if required.
  3. Automated proctoring – This utilizes facial recognition, key stroke analysis, and other new age techniques to scrutinize candidate’s test session using a computer application.
    Automated proctoring also offers real time monitoring of candidates.

How are proctoring services helpful? 

Online proctored exams are more effective than traditional exams and offer following benefits —

  1. No to less infrastructure – Online proctoring services use cloud technology to host their application which can be further used by institutions and employers to organize exam in any part of the world. This allows candidates the flexibility to take exam sitting any part of the world.
  2. Automated scrutiny – Online proctored exams are scrutinized and automated to score. This makes them helpful and takes away work.

  3. Remote hiring – Employers are increasingly building global workforce and are hiring remote workers. To assess candidate’s talent and capabilities, proctoring services come handy.

  4. Real-time test review – Several proctoring services offer real time test reviewing and scoring. Further, many proctoring service providers offer automated scoring is also available, which increases test reviewing efficiency.

Popular proctoring services

Proctor U – This is a U.S based proctoring service provider. It counts more than 1000 universities and employers worldwide as its customers. The company offers automated proctoring service.

Exam Strong – This is, again, a U.S based proctoring service provider and counts over 500 certification bodies, universities, and other educational institutions as its clients.

Test Reach – This is a fairly new proctoring service provider in the market. It offers exam authoring tools, marking mechanism, and reporting analytics. Both automated and live proctoring is available from this platform.

Proctoring services, in a nutshell, are making conducting examinations more effective than traditional way. As education becomes more globalized and employers look for global workforce, proctoring services will become more mainstream.


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