How Online Tutoring is Changing Education

The global pandemic has increased the number of children and parents using online tutoring. However, it’s fair to say that the online tutoring wave started well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year, parents recognise the benefits of online tutoring, and the whole niche is now changing the education industry.

More Opportunities for Children

Firstly, online tutoring is offering more opportunities to children. Traditionally, children would sit in a classroom surrounded by their peers. Not only do those with a lack of understanding not want to ask for help, but they can sometimes feel overwhelmed when everybody else around them understands a certain topic. With online tutoring, children have a chance to feel vulnerable without having the eyes of friends and classmates upon them.

With this, they get the help they so desperately need without teachers having to offer one-to-one sessions (something almost impossible with their hectic schedules). Dymocks Tutoring can:

  • Plug gaps in knowledge
  • Improve grades at all levels
  • Accelerate progress or catch up

Boost Confidence

Another way that online tutoring is changing education is that it’s creating more confident children. As students get the help they need across all topics, they enter the classroom with more confidence. Having covered topics with their tutor, they can put their hand up with confidence. As well as helping their overall understanding and school grades, this confidence carries through to other areas of life.

Access to High-Quality Tutors

When tutors first started to enter the education niche, they would visit the student at their house and sit with them for a while. Though positive, there were still limitations because you could only choose between the tutors in the local area. With online tutoring, parents have access to the best tutors in the country. No longer restricted, they seek the tutors with the best reviews online and their children get the best help possible.

This has a side effect – tutors of sub-par quality realise that they can no longer compete. Previously, every tutor would have a physical location in which they helped students. They knew that parents had limited options, and so the quality wasn’t always maintained. Now, tutors have no choice but to offer a high-quality service or else lose their customers.

What does this mean for the education industry? Overall, a better standard of tutoring for children.

Convenience and Affordability

With every family seemingly having at least one device with a camera, tutoring has never been more convenient. Tutors don’t need to account for travel time, and this means they can book back-to-back sessions. Students can book appointments around their after-school clubs and other events.

At the same time, the ease of online tutoring has seen more and more tutors enter the fray. With more tutors, this pushes the price of sessions down and parents are finding great deals easier than ever before. In addition to convenience, parents and students are also getting a fantastic price for sessions. Let’s not forget, tutors also don’t need to worry about travel expenses in their costs.

Stronger Grades

Children have access to tutors of higher quality at their own convenience, their confidence in classrooms increases, their understanding increases, and they get more opportunities to plug gaps and get ahead of other children. Ultimately, this may mean a generation of stronger grades in the core subjects.

Furthermore, it means that the online tutoring niche will continue to grow, the services will improve, and the standard of tutoring will keep rising over time. While tutoring was once seen as supplemental, more parents are now seeing it as essential for their child’s education (especially after the pandemic interruptions!).