How One Can Extend The Clutch Life?

The car’s clutch is considered to be a very important component in the whole car and directly affects the performance of the car. Clutch present in the cars is utilized for several kinds of purposes. Clutch is very efficiently needed to stop the transmission to the drive shaft so that individuals can change the gears. This is the main reason behind the success of clutch plate manufacturer. Clutch always helps in preventing the engine from stalling whenever the car is in low speeds. It also helps to provide braking functions in the cases of engine braking. When the clutch has to perform several kinds of functions then it also requires proper maintenance as well along with a lot of care.  

Following are some of how individuals can contribute towards the long life of the clutch:

  • One must never rest the foot on the clutch plate: A lot of people normally have the habit of resting their foot on the clutch pedal which is a very bad habit because it can cause a lot of issue to the clutch plates. So, whenever the individuals are using the clutch they should never use it as a footrest. The clutch pedal should be either fully pressed or it should not be touched. There is no midway between these two points.
  • One must never slow down with both brake and clutch altogether: This is another common habit which the people undertake and it leads to a lot of malfunctioning of the clutch. Ultimately the concept leads to a lot of loads which the clutch cannot handle and the process of shifting gears becomes difficult. So, keeping the clutch pressed as soon as the brake is also pressed will decrease the rate of slowing down and will cause an accident very easily.
  • Using handbrakes on inclines and not using the clutch: This is considered to be a very tricky situation and at this particular point of time clutch has to be kept into force so that car can be kept in position. The whole scenario puts a lot of load on the clutch as well. So, the individuals must go with the option of using the handbrake and taking the foot of the brakes. Going with the option of slightly increasing the RPM and gradually releasing the clutch along with handbrake at the same time will help in solving the purpose. This technique is quite complex but it can be developed with constant practice.
  • Avoiding the engine braking: Another tip which the individuals should focus on so that they can improve the working of the clutch and can maintain it ultimately is to avoid engine braking to slow down the cars. In most of the situations, it can eat away the life of the clutch.

Also in the cases of two-wheelers clutch plays a very significant role and it is very much important to slow down the vehicle. Hence, Clutch plates suppliers should pay proper attention to the quality of the clutch at the time of providing them to the consumers so that consumers have access to the best quality products.