How Often Should You Schedule Gutter Cleaning and Why?

Gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. Yet, many homeowners overlook this aspect of cleaning until the damage is beyond repair. We get it. You don’t really think about your gutters unless there’s a problem with them. However, it’s better to ensure preventive maintenance to avoid future problems and an extra charge in the form of gutter repair or replacement services.

Keeping your gutter and drainage clean is necessary to maintain the structural integrity of your home. So how frequently should you schedule gutter cleaning service? And why is it important to clean your gutters?

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Risks Factors of An Unmaintained Gutter

If you put off gutter cleaning for too long, it can cause major issues. Sometimes, it can be too late, and you may have to replace the gutter. Here’s what happens if you dismiss gutter cleaning for months and years:

Mold and Mildew

The leaves can clog up the gutter lines if you leave them unattended. The leaves decompose and rot, leading to mold growth. It darkens the gutter exterior making it appear filthy. The mold also increases health risks if it enters the house. Additionally, it’s also inconvenient and expensive to get rid of mold.

Pests, Bugs, and Insects

The rotten and decomposing leaves also draw the attention of pests, bugs, and other insects. Rotting leaves are a major source of food for all types of pests. They can make a home in your gutter and eventually make their way inside the house.


The downspout gets clogged from debris, leaves, and other objects when you don’t clean them. The clogged drainage allows the water to collect, which overflows, causing leakage.

Roof Damage

If you neglect gutter cleaning, you might end up replacing your roof. This isn’t a small or cheaper expense. It’ll cost you a fortune to redo your roof.

A clogged gutter can’t drain rainwater, so it soaks and overflows through roof shingles or leaks into the house. The continuous overflow of water softens shingles causing significant damage to the roof. The rainwater weight can also cause gutter breakage, eventually damaging the roof.

Either way, you’ll have to repair or replace your gutter and roof as well as deal with water-related damage inside your home.

Driveway Damage

The clogged and uncleaned gutter also damages the driveway and backyard. Poor drainage causes excess water to collect and paves the way for mold growth. The water can freeze during winter leading to a risk of slips and falls.

These are all terrifying outcomes of not cleaning your gutter, but you can be proactive by scheduling the cleaning ahead of time.

How Often Should You Schedule Gutter Cleaning?

So when should you schedule gutter cleaning? Professional cleaners suggest that homeowners should get their gutters inspected once or twice a year during winter and spring.

Heavy Rainfall

It also depends on where you live. You should clean your gutters every three months if you experience heavy rainfall and your home is surrounded by trees that shed leaves and needles frequently.

Extreme Temperatures

Besides rainfall and trees, you should also schedule frequent gutter cleaning if the temperature drops below freezing point during winter. Check your gutters before spring and winter for any blockage.

Weather Storm

Finally, you should schedule a gutter cleaning service after a weather storm. The debris, leaves, and branches can clog up the gutter, causing blockages. This can cause the water to collect, leading to leakage.

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

If you’re wondering when you schedule gutter cleaning, you can use this checklist to ensure your gutter is well-maintained:

·         Look for debris buildup in your gutter

·         Mold and rust spots

·         Stilled water

·         Discoloration along the walls and under the gutter

·         Falling or missing nails, brackets, or screws

·         Sagging or cracked pipes

How Can You Find The Damage?

Your first line of defense should be a regular gutter inspection, but there are also other warning signs that you can look out for to prevent the problem, such as:

Dripping Gutter

If the water isn’t flowing properly or it’s dripping through the gutter, it’s a surefire sign to unclog the pipes.


The age of your gutters can also determine and prevent damage. Gutters can last one or two decades. The older the gutter, the more prone it is to damage if you don’t schedule routine maintenance and cleaning.

Water Inside

If water makes its way inside your house, it’s a key sign of leakage and drainage issues in your gutters. You must get your gutter inspected right away when this happens.


Pools of water in the driveway, yard, or lawn are also a telltale sign of drainage problems. Your gutter is supposed to drain the entire water. However, pooling indicates poor drainage and requires prompt inspection.

4 Tips to Clean Your Gutters

If you want to maintain your gutters and prevent any structural damage to your roof, follow these simple and actionable tips:

1.      Regularly check downspouts even after you clear your gutter. Your downspouts can residue have a blockage that will prevent proper drainage.

2.      Check your gutter for leakage and use sealants to keep water from seeping through walls and gutter.

3.      Make sure your gutter is secured properly to the roof. If your gutter isn’t attached to the longboard or fascia of your roof, you’ll have to replace the gutter.

4.      Get rid of rubbish and debris from your gutter. Don’t leave it on the side. Instead, use a garbage bag to dispose of the mess.

How to Find Reliable Gutter Cleaning Service in Connecticut?

Though you can maintain your gutter and clean them regularly, you’ll eventually require professional assistance. You cannot DIY your way through all the problems.

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