How Often Should You Get a Professional Deep Clean?

The average American will spend 90,000 hours at work. That’s a lot of time at the office. 

With employees spending eight hours a day in the building, it’s important to have a professional deep clean of the space. But how often should you enlist the professionals for an office cleaning? It’s different than, say, hiring a housekeeper to helm a household cleaning, after all.

A deep cleaning is more involved, so you don’t need to do it as often. Here’s our best advice for setting a deep clean schedule for your commercial space.

What’s the Difference Between a Basic Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

You might already have a cleaning crew to perform clean-up at the end of each workday. They come in and take care of the basics. They dust, vacuum and mop, empty trashcans, and sanitize the bathrooms.

A deep cleaning goes much farther than this, of course. When you bring in a deep-cleaning crew for your commercial space, they’ll probably tack the following onto those routine tasks:

  • Cleaning carpets and furniture and removing any stains, too
  • Vacuuming ducts to remove dust
  • Scrubbing and refinishing floors
  • Scouring grout in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Sanitizing office equipment, such as phones, printers, and keyboards
  • Emptying kitchen cupboards of expired food 
  • Cleaning out and sanitizing the refrigerator
  • Wiping down windows

Again, these aren’t the tasks that need to be taken on every week or even every month. But they should be part of your office cleaning rota. 

How Often Does My Office Need a Professional Deep Clean?

If you hire a professional cleaning service, such as J & J Janitor Service, they can help you set up a schedule to ensure you’re deep cleaning the place as required. 

Most offices will require a deep-cleaning crew to come in every three months. This should suit your commercial space if you have a good-sized staff that comes into work every weekday, for example. 

Now, if you have a smaller team or one that works remotely from time to time, you won’t need deep cleaning services as often as that. Some commercial spaces can get away with a once-yearly session if they don’t get as much foot traffic in their office.

Again, your best bet is to ask a professional cleaner to help you come up with a schedule. They can perform cleanings every day or week to keep things clean and sanitary. Then, when it’s time, they can do a more detailed clean-up, which they’ll maintain with their more routine pick-ups, and so on. 

Time For a Deep Cleaning?

Perhaps you’re reading this and realizing that your commercial space needs a professional deep clean. Perhaps it hasn’t ever had one—you may be surprised to learn that your cleaners are only performing the basics on their routine visits. 

The good news is, it’s easy to get back on track. Find a cleaner who can perform the more detailed service you need and book them for visits at the clip required of your office. Then, sit back and enjoy a sanitary, safe and sparkling workspace—your staff will do the same.

Don’t forget to check back with us for more business news—office maintenance tips and beyond.