How often should roller shutters be serviced?

Many business owners count on roller shutters to protect their expensive and important items. They provide an effective security barrier that combats vandalism and break ins, giving you the peace of mind that your business premises will be safe when left unattended.

They are also used for domestic and industrial purposes in spaces such as garages and warehouses for the same reason, ensuring that valuable goods are left untouched and aren’t susceptible to being stolen.

Keeping your roller shutters in Manchester or anywhere else for that matter working to their full requisite is crucial in maintaining not only your confidence, but your pride and joy that’s located inside your building.

What is a roller shutter service?

In order to keep your roller shutters at optimum performance, you should look to have them serviced at regular intervals. This checks for any potential faults under the hood that may not have been spotted previously. Ensuring that they are found out and dealt with as quickly as possible avoids said issues gradually worsening over time, and potentially turning into something far more serious.

A roller shutter service is where an expert performs a variety of tests and checks – delving a little deeper than what may be seen, heard, or felt on a day to day basis.

No matter which roller shutter you may opt for, our team will be able to check all variants of your security solution, guaranteeing they’re kept in the best possible condition. After all, having a low performance machine is only going to make you feel uneasy, right?

How important are they?

Roller shutter services are so important that they are in fact bound by law. If you own one of these systems, you are required to have your shutters serviced at set intervals or else any warranty is voided. This is sanctioned by the Health and Safety at Work act, as any period longer than this time could pose a serious risk to those that are using your shutter.

An oversight on your roller shutter service can also have huge financial implications. If you don’t spot a fault, or you leave it untreated, it can turn into a much larger problem and cost you more to repair. Or, in the worst case scenario, you might have no option but to replace your roller shutters altogether.

How often should you have it done?

So, now you know more about what a roller shutter service entails, how frequently should you have your system serviced? The recommended amount of time between a service is 12 months. This period is listed under the Health and Safety Act, as if you leave it any longer than this period, your warranty will then be voided.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the full 12 month period to service your roller shutters. You can arrange for your company of choice to perform this process more frequently should you wish. This will provide you with even more reassurance that your machines are in full working order, as they continue to perform to a high standard.

Would you like roller shutter services?

Has reading this blog made you think about booking a specialist team to service your roller shutters? The experienced engineers at Roller Shutter Services have been performing roller shutter repairs in Manchester and beyond for over 15 years now, and can expertly carry out your service to give you the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.

If you’d like to find out more about roller shutter services and what they entail, get in touch with one of the experts for a detailed response. Simply call 0800 328 9356 or fill out the online form for a reply as soon as possible.