Rug restoration means to restore rug into its original from or near to it due to certain modifications and changings. These modifications are many in numbers, ranges from tearing to sun damage.  The rug restoration expert knows best when the rug needs restoration and when it shall be done. The time of restoration varies from each rug to other as to its type, fabric, pattern, padding, age and tints. The exterior elements like general climate, humidity in room, traffic on it, presence of pet, presence of infant or extremely old aged person or the usage of rug plays important role in deciding when to restore the rug. Normally the rug shall be examined for restoration bi annually. If it appears in need or repairing or restoration do it. Check the direction paper of your rug and there may mentioned all suitable conditions and duration for restoration, follow the instructions. Few other conditions are as follow

  • If there is a tear, whether small or large, it is a time to restore it immediately. Do not wait the tear to grow, most people do the same mistake and ruin their beloved rug.
  • If the time has worn the rug, same time is the time of restoration.
  • There may be rug selvedges, the structure is intact but the wool is missing inside. There come the time to repair it and stuff the appropriate wool in it.
  • If your rug loses its fringes it perfect time to restore them. There comes two possibilities, repair the existing fringes or add new to the. Mere gluing the broken fringes may make it clumsy in look. New and matched fringes are needed to be attached.
  • The fine hand knotted rug often gets its corners damaged in less time. Just check it frequently and as you see first loose thread, fix it at the spot.
  • When moth starts biting the rug or insects combined with dust and debris deposited, start decaying the rug, it’s time to restore your rug.
  • It may happen that your pet chewed the sides of your rug, just restore the sides before it extends the four corners.
  • There may be a color run on your rug, the colors get mixed due to spill of liquid or may be flood.
  • The shades of your rug may fade down due to constant and long use.
  • Experts recommend restoring real colors of rugs once after2 years.
  • If the outer surface of rug worn out due to furniture scrap or constant use its time to restore it.
  • If the sun damaged the outer layer it’s time to restore the upper surface.

It needs a special acumen and skills to restore. If there is slight damage and you have artistic skills, rug restoration knowledge, appropriate tools then do it at home, and otherwise it’s better to hire an expert. Expert evaluation is best, he will tell you whether it’s time to restore or not. It is recommended to hire professional rug restoration expert as it is the complex challenge to be cope with.