How Often Does Rug Need Replace

Rugs do not always look the same over the years. Thus the time comes when the area of rugs becomes damaged meaning it doesn’t last forever. Hence, you can feel this, that’s a time when you have to say goodbye to your rugs and welcome the new rug at your premise. Moreover, the durability of the rugs depends upon maintenance and the high foot traffic. Nevertheless, families who have little ones see more wear and tear on rugs with time. Similarly, the muddy paws of your pets can ruin and decrease the life of rugs. Thus some quality rugs can be with you over the years. Apart from this in the article, we will learn about the signs of “How Often Does Rug Need Replaced?” 

Some Common Signs Of How Often Does Rug Need Replace?

Are you worrying about How Often Does Rug Need Replaced? Don’t worry below are some signs which will suggest when to replace the old rug with a new one. 

  • Unsightly Stains: With the safe and right cleaning solution you can remove the tough stains from the rugs. However, if you have pets and kids at home, then stains on the rug are the most common factor. Thus make sure you use a non-toxic solution otherwise your rug fabric will get damaged. 
  • Yucky Smells: Another sign which indicates you should change the old rug with the new one is a bad and odd smell. Thus if your rug smells very bad, then your rug may be suffering from mould. Nevertheless, a Rug Dry Cleaning in Hobart service can save your rug, but you must prioritize your health and safety first. Hence Mold on rugs can lead to many harmful diseases and allergies. 
  • Unreasonable wear and tear: rugs in your living room or the entrance gate will face more wear and tear than bedroom rugs. Hence living rooms face more foot traffic, which leads to further damage. Thus signs of wear and tear on rugs are discoloured and worn fabric. There is no way to deal will the wear and tear. The last option is to just replace the old rug with the new one. Nevertheless, these are some signs related to How Often Does Rug Need Replaced?

How You Can Increase The Life Of Your Rugs? 

Yes, rugs are very expensive and it’s very difficult to replace the rug with a new one. And the typical durability or the life of rugs is 5 to 10 years. Well, the lifespan of the rug is not only dependent on foot traffic but also on the proper maintenance of the rugs. However, in this, we will be telling you some tips to increase the life of your rugs. 

Importantly, we must advise you that you must never walk on the rugs with shoes. Thus avoiding shoes on the rugs will automatically increase the life of your rugs. Let’s learn some other tips to increase the life of your rugs and carpets. 

  • Shaking: To increase the lifespan of the rugs take this to the outside and gently shake the rug. With shaking, the rug will lose debris. Moreover, shaking the rugs will clean them effectively. Hence automatically the life of your rugs will improve. 
  • Vacuuming: Furthermore, to eliminate dust and allergies from the rug you need to vacuum them regularly. Moreover, remember to use an industry-approved vacuum for cleaning the rugs. Even properly use the vacuum otherwise it’ll affect your rug’s fabric. Also, the vacuum will help eliminate dust particles from the rugs. 
  • Stain Removal: Whenever a stain on the rug spills on it intentionally or accidentally, you need to treat them as soon as you can. However, always make sure to use the best and safe cleaning solutions for removing the stains from the rugs. Nevertheless, for the DIY method to remove the stain you must use white vinegar for it.  Thus make sure you use safe solutions for removing the stain from rugs. 
  • Annual Effective Cleaning: You must clean your rugs once a year. However, for cleaning the rugs you must depend on a professional for it. Importantly, never skip the rug cleaning service as you know only the proper maintainer can increase the life of the rugs. 


Hope with the above signs you are aware of How Often Does Rug Need Replaced? Well for the proper maintenance of your rugs, you must depend on the best rug cleaning service. However,  professionals can preserve the originality of your rugs. Moreover, professionals know which tools and solutions are best for treating a particular type of rug. Apart from this, there are many DIY methods for cleaning rugs. But for a permanent solution, a professional rug cleaning service is the best solution. Thus keep an eye on the above signs so that you can replace the rugs on time.