How Often Do Mercedes Need Servicing?

Owning a Mercedes is more like an investment than a regular vehicle. This is more than a pair of wheels to move from one location to another. You know what we are talking about if you own one. And that’s why you should always keep it in perfect condition at all times. You must make it your top priority to maintain your Mercedes and keep it running. For that, your Mercedes needs regular servicing.

However, most owners find servicing a confusing process. When, where and how to do it are the most basic questions that all owners think about. Above all, you need Mercedes tuning specialists to do a servicing.

Taking Your Mercedes for Servicing

How often a car needs servicing is a crucial query. And the answer depends on various factors and elements. Just like any other vehicle, a Mercedes has its own limitations that you have to consider. It’s important to set a service schedule according to these factors. Once you set a service make sure that you stick to it to enjoy smooth rides.

Things to Consider before Servicing

Generally, servicing of a Mercedes depends on these factors.

  • Quality and surfaces of roads it is driven
  • The maintenance level of your Mercedes
  • How many miles you have driven it

Automation experts recommend that 10,000 miles or a 12 months period is the limit. Once your Mercedes reach this goal, you must take it for servicing. If miles or 1 year period is up, you should take it to the nearest servicing station.

The time between Different Services

Servicing involves a change of different fluids and maintenance. We have enlisted the servicing time duration for each factor separately. This will inform you how often you must take your Mercedes for Servicing.

1. Brake Fluid

Changing the brake fluid depends on the driving conditions, car type and the manufacturer’s recommendations. And for Mercedes, this time duration is after every 20,000 miles of traveling.

2. Spark Plugs

This is a tiny but key component of the vehicle that starts your car. It must be serviced after every 90,000 miles of traveling.

3. Transmission Fluid

This fluid reduces wear and tear by lubricating transmission parts. You must change it after your car has traveled 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

4. Oil Change

We don’t have to tell you how important an oil change is. Your Mercedes requires an oil change annually and/or after every 10,000 miles of traveling.

Servicing Process of a Mercedes

During the servicing process, mechanics inspect your Mercedes for any wear and tear. They’ll check the levels of necessary fluids and any defected or broken parts. Some of the important parts that get checked involve:

  • Battery condition testing
  • Steering alignment
  • Suspensions checks
  • Cooling system (radiator, pumps and hoses)
  • Inspecting coolant levels and hydraulic fluid
  • Engine tuning
  • Inspection of steering and brakes, exhaust, tyres and lights
  • Replacement of engine oil filter
  • Changing the oil change

Usually, regular servicing involves checks and inspections of around 50 systems and components.

Takeaway Words

The most important thing to remember is that you should never skip servicing. In case you feel something isn’t right, don’t wait for your service schedule. The damage and defect may worsen by the time you take your Mercedes for servicing. And always book servicing beforehand to save time and avoid the risk of spending extra money.