How Nordic Walking Poles Can Make Your Travel Enjoyable

We all know the sweet-sorrow feeling of travel. Trips can be fun, enjoyable and a way to make lasting memories with friends and family. But big trips, like cruises, sightseeing in Europe, or exploring national parks and big cities, can unfortunately be a drain at the end. What starts out as a fun adventure can easily turn into a painful journey. The leg pain, knee pain, joint pain, back pain, all on top of lack of quality of sleep from transportation and busyness, can all lead to a heavy burden at the end of the trip to simply “want to go home.” 

Big travel will do that to you. That is a reason why many active seniors don’t go on the trips they’ve always wanted to, because of the fear of over-exhaustion. Steps. Hills. Public transportation. Long bus rides. Busy shopping districts. Not to mention the airports. It all creates a need for a walking companion; nordic walking poles.

What Are Nordic Walking Poles?

Unlike technical trekking and hiking poles, which are more focussed for climbing and mountaineering, nordic walking poles are an adaptation from cross-country ski poles, designed to widen your stride, allow for upper body and lower body support during everyday walking, as well as improved fitness regimens themselves. They are walking poles designed for both calorie burn (more arm and torso movement), along with weight distribution. They tend to be longer and more flexible, or can be short, depending on your preference.

How Do Nordic Walking Poles Help My travel?

If you are on a heavy itinerary, like visiting famous spots in big cities like Paris, Madrid, or Washington D.C., you can assume that approximately 6-8 miles a day can be your average walking distance. (1) That is with the use of public transportation too. That is a lot of steps, over 10,000 steps a day, which is the recommended amount to stay well fit. 

In addition, if you are carrying a daypack for daily travel gear, that added weight can bring added stress. 

All of this creates the need for more than two feet carrying the weight. Also, going down steps can be a heavy strain on your knees. These concerns are where nordic walking poles come into the picture. By distributing some of the weight to your arms, it reduces the impact on your legs and knees, allowing you to do more and go farther. 

What should I look for in nordic walking poles?

Looking at general use trekking poles, the best trekking pole for travel will function as a nordic walking pole by having some key elements:

  • Portable/packable: Look for nordic poles that either have a telescoping function, or better yet, a folding function. They will pack small in a bag for easy stow.

  • Adjustable: Look for a pole that has some adjustment to height.

  • Lightweight: Wooden walking staffs are the heaviest and bulkiest walking pole option, and are better for wilderness safety. For travel, you want a walking pole that is a hollow tube, and is made of either aluminum alloy, or carbon fiber blend.

  • Simple: There are many poles that simply are too complicated. Pick a pole that can instantly setup without adjusting too many measurements, or tightening locks. Skip the ones that have too many options for gadgets. Keep it simple, and you’ll walk far with your pole. 

Here is your chance to change your travel lifestyle for the rest of your life. Nordic walking poles will bring you confident walking, physical support for your legs, knees and body, as well as a feeling of safety, security, and protection. 


About the author: Mike Cutler writes on active senior lifestyles and is a healthy lifestyle Blogger as well as product tester for earth trek gear. He lives with his family in Reno NV and enjoys going to the Sierra Nevada mountains for hiking and family activities