How Nonprofits Are Helping Families During the Pandemic

While many homes across America have been negatively impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of non-profit organizations have been rushing to their aid. The family is the backbone of the American community. In it, order is established, society carries on, and a new generation is taught how to carry the torch. However, if the family falls, so will our country. A number of organizations are rising to the surface during these pressing times and are seeking to bear the overwhelming burdens that are now on the shoulders of many.


Nonprofits that are providing aid during the crisis


1)    Feeding America- The name bears its mission. Feeding America is an organization that labors night and day to provide hungry families across America. This company is not one to which you would go directly, but rather they source and supply many food banks in our country. Along with this overarching and behind-the-scenes approach, they help children by providing meals at their schools.


2)    Foster Village- This organization is based in Texas and has a somewhat focused approach to their assistance during the pandemic. Foster Village has set up different virtual groups to aid and assist other foster families in the Texas areas. Dads can link up with other dads, and moms can link up with other moms and combat the challenges of being isolated during this pandemic time period. However, in the event that you are located outside of Texas, a support group can be found on their Facebook page and could prove to be an encouraging resource for many.


3)    Together We Rise- Together We Rise is in fact rising up during the pandemic with a unified front. This group of children and young adults are coming together to help support families that are in need during this devastating time. They are seeking to provide these families with much needed resources to help sustain them until the crisis passes.


4)    Youth Villages- Youth Villages provides in-home services and therapy to help families preserve family attachment and help problem solving skills. They also help train prospective foster families to try to give kids the best homes possible. 


5)    Family Promise- This is an organization with a focus on the family. This nonprofit is doing an amazing job of finding where help is needed and filling that void. Family Promise specializes in providing support for the community and services that are needed in their area.


6)    Healthcorps- This is another nonprofit that is seeking to help the community and families within, but by doing it in a slightly different way. They devote themselves to educating the people and informing them of ways that they can avoid getting the virus themselves and can avoid spreading it as well.


7)    World Central Kitchen- World Central Kitchen is seeking to do more than provide families with food during the crisis. They are seeking to provide families with top-quality food. A well-prepared meal of good quality is a great way to help those in need break out of their mental struggles.


8)    United Way- A number of United Way organizations and stations exist in America. It is possible that one is in your hometown. United Way is more of a behind-the-scenes type of operation that is helping to fund local organizations within various communities both at home and abroad. This in turn will provide the organizations within communities to support and provide the resources that are needed within that community.


Nonprofits are an essential component in the development and support of America. Without them, many families in America and overseas would be without many of the basic necessities of life. Food, money, electricity, laptops and more have been provided to a number of families that have experienced major loss and hard times during the pandemic. Even if you are not able to see the work of these organizations, often they are behind the scenes assisting many in ways that are unknown.