How Netgear Nighthawk Extender Setup Can Enhance Your Existing WiFi Range?

If your existing WiFi router is not giving you efficient WiFi coverage in all areas of your house and you are extremely baffled with the problem of spotty internet connectivity, then worry not! Netgear Nighthawk Setup can solve your problem. This post covers various tips on how to execute Netgear extender setup for enhancing the existing network range of your WiFi. Here we go:

There are various methods of setting up a Netgear WiFi range extender. You can either using the WPS button or try the Manual method for configuring your device. Let’s make you familiar with both the methods of configuring a Netgear extender one by one.

Netgear Nighthawk Extender Setup Using WPS Button

Make sure the model you own is supporting the WPS method. For this you need to follow the steps below:

  • Once you unbox your extender, check if there are any antennas available.
  • If any, install the antennas in a proper manner to your extender.
  • Now, plug in your range extender to a working electric outlet and let the LED on the device turns green.
  • Once done, locate the WPS button on your range extender and press it.
  • Now, find the WPS button on your router and press it.

That’s it! As soon as you complete the steps listed above, you will complete the Netgear extender setup process.

Netgear Extender Setup Using Netgear Installation Assistant

This is the manual method used to configure a Netgear extender. For this you need:

  • A working router,
  • A Modem,
  • An Ethernet Cable,
  • A Computer or Laptop having a Web browser,
  • A fast-speed Internet Connection,
  • And lastly, your extender

Let’s now begin the Netgear extender setup process using the manual method.

  • First, connect your extender to your router. You can connect both the devices either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.
  • Once done, power up your extender.
  • Now, open a web browser on your computer/laptop.
  • Visit
  • You will be directed to the Netgear wireless extender setup
  • Here, you will be asked to enter the default username and password for the extender login.
  • So, fill the admin credentials and hit Log In.
  • You are on the Netgear Genie Smart Setup wizard.
  • Reaching here, you will be shown with a list of available WiFi devices.
  • Choose the one you want to extend.
  • Once done, connect your client device and start using internet the way you want.

This is how you can configure your range extender using the Netgear Installation Assistant.

Some users find issues while configuring their device, if you are also one of them, then try the basic troubleshooting steps given below.

Netgear Extender Setup Troubleshooting

  • Make sure the LED of your Netgear extender is stable. If not, it means your extender is not connected properly. Check all the connections and fix them if there is any issue.
  • Update your web browser before trying to land on the Netgear Genie Setup Also, delete cache, cookies, and browsing history from the same web browser.
  • Ensure the computer/laptop you are using to perform Netgear extender setup is not carrying any kind of virus infections or malicious content.
  • Keep your extender in the range of your router, especially at the time of setting up your extender.
  • Turn off all the devices that may cause signal interference. If this seems complex to you, keep your extender away from obstructions like fish tanks, refrigerators, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, fish tanks, reflexive surfaces, metal appliances, aluminum studs, etc.

We hope that the tips we have mentioned above would help you complete the Netgear Nighthawk extender setup process with ease. Even if after following all the things, you can’t make your extender working, then just drop us a line in the comments section. Our experts will get in touch with you for an immediate fix.