How Netflix in Canada has evolved a decade later

Netflix bore wings around 1997. Later in 2010, it expanded its business in Canada.

After its establishment in Canada, it has continued to thrive exponentially. However, it has had its share of challenges as a streaming giant.

In 2014, Netflix was on its toes as Shaw and Rogers’s cable giants came up with an invention, Shomi. This was a service that proved to work well on mobile devices, the web, or even the cable set-top boxes. But towards the end of 2014, they were in deep waters.

Netflix never signed defeat though its success has not gone unchallenged.

Surprisingly today, Canada is among the top in the list of best Netflix TV shows and movies, with an excellent rating. Expecting less would be an understatement.

Netflix has paved the way for Canadian creators, producers, and writers who have created more and better content. It’s no wonder that in 2017 Netflix decided to invest at least half a billion CAD in Canadian movies and shows.

According to Netflix Director Corie Wright, the obligation was to make a long-term investment in Canada. This was indeed a great show of the commitment they had to support the Canadian producers and creators.

Canadians are known for their damn good movies, and that would make you fall in love with Canada. You get to see the topographical diversity and the cultural influences that seem to blend so well with Canadian English and French-speaking inhabitants. You cannot miss to watch some of the best movies on Netflix Canada. They should definitely be on your list!

Netflix CAD investment in Canada

Canada seemed to be up to its game. In 2017, the Federal Government announced that Netflix had a plan of investing $500 million over the next five years in the CAD 

We can’t mince the words of Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos as he says that Canada has emerged as a vital part of their business, and they want to move on with such momentum to get a head office in Canada. The office will be based in Toronto, and the Toronto mayor believes it will be a powerhouse to cement the film and television production industry.

investment. This would enhance the creation of more TV shows and movies in English and French. It was also anticipated that there would be an additional investment of $25 million to emphasize French-language content.

Why this was a perfect undertaking is that Netflix would ensure that all its subscribers would find the shows and the films on the Netflix service. It was a competitive edge that has stood the test of time. It was a significant investment to help the Canadian creators and producers interact with other business partners, gain financial access, and have a fair connection with the global audience.

Growth in numbers of Netflix Subscribers in Canada

Netflix efforts can be seen. 10 months after the launch, the giant had scooped a whole 7 million subscribers. 

Among the number, 1.14 million were dedicated subscribers who paid their subscription; the number of paying subscribers multiplied by around 4 times, four years later. Nearly a half of the population is believed to have continued subscribing to the video service in 2015.

In 2019, the number had grown to 16.2 subscribers.

Around 2020, there were approximately 18 million Canadians with the Netflix app, the boost was due to the pandemic. It’s estimated that come the year 2025, the number of subscribers in Canada will be over 19 million. 

Netflix Price expansion

Netflix has continued to offer new movies and television programs in Canada. And the prices have not changed much from their humble beginning.

During Netflix launch in Canada, a subscription would go for $7.99 a month. In 2014, the prices were raised by $1 to the new Netflix customers, and the old members were to continue with $7.99 for about two years. The price would later increase due to the management of data flow and the internet infrastructure.

The expansion in Canada happened at a faster rate than anyone would have expected. This made their first two international market ventures a success,

Now the basic subscription goes for CAD 9.99/ month. With this, any Canadian Netflix member can enjoy unlimited movies and shows on their devices, including smartphones, laptops, Smart TVs, Microsoft Xbox 360, etc.

The standard subscription goes for CAD 14.99/month. Any user can watch unlimited Netflix Canadian content using two devices concurrently in HD quality. The price hiked due to the applicable tax rate that is said to vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

For the Premium plan, one can enjoy movies and shows on many devices concurrently in ultra HD quality. The price goes for $18.99CAD/month.

The point to note is that you can change the plans as you wish and there is no fee for crossing over. If Netflix is not for you, you can cancel at any time.

Canadian Netflix has proven to have some of the best classic movies you will not find anywhere in the U.S. There is a load of dramas, romances, comedies, and many more than you can enjoy using Netflix in Canada.  There are approximately 4000 movies and around 1500 shows to choose from.

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