How Much Will It Cost to Purchase and Operate an Air Source Heat Pump?

If you are looking at various options to properly warm your home and ensure you get hot water, you should look at the air source pump system. Although the air source heat pump cost looks expensive compared to other systems available on the market, it offers you both heating and cooling through the same design. Therefore, you will not need to invest in a different system to cool your home during the summer.

How does the air source heat pump operate?

In the refrigeration system of the air source heat pump, there are a compressor and copper coils. When the climate is cold, the air source heat pump conducts heat from outside and pushes it through vents into your home to keep it warm. In the summer months, this process is inverted, and the pump removes the heat from your home and releases it outside.

The cost of the air source pump will depend mainly on the size you have chosen that is optimum for your home. The price you have to pay for installing an air source heat pump is in the range of £50 to £130 per hour by the local installer. The cost of the air-source heat pump system depends on whether you will install a ducted or ductless one. If your home already has a duct, then the price of installing the equipment will be in the range of £8000–£18,000. However, if you have to install a new duct system, the final price will go up significantly.

Why the size of the air source heat pump is important?

As the cost of the air source heat pump depends upon its size, you must choose one that is best for your home. If you have bought a heat pump larger than required, it will create more noise and have to cycle on and off frequently; the pump’s life will also shorten. On the other hand, if you invest in an undersized heat pump, the airflow will be minimal, which in turn will negatively affect the efficiency and reduce your comfort. An undersized air source heat pump component will wear up faster as it must perform under high stress, leading to its early failure. Therefore, the air source heat pump should be appropriately sized by experts. A properly sized air source heat pump cost will be worth the initial investment.

Determining the right size of the air source heat pump

The size of the air source heat pump significantly affects its price, so you must consider the following factors to choose the right size:

– The condition of the sealant of your ducts

– The installation condition of your home

– How many windows are there in your home, their size, type and the direction in which they face

– Your home’s design, size, and orientation

– Are there any shades from overhangs?


As explained in this article, the air source heat pump cost will depend greatly on the size of equipment you have chosen for your home. Furthermore, you have to add the additional cost you may have to pay in terms of the installation charges. Although the investment may look expensive, the benefits it offers in the long-term far exceed the cons of the initial investment.

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