How Much Should I Spend On A Chair?


When you’re seeking to get comfortable after sitting for long hours on an ergonomic chair, there’re lots of factors to consider. Before ordering an ergonomic chair, buyers don’t fail to ask first – how much should I spend on a chair?

The amount you’ve got to fork out for a chair gets determined by what features you want your seat to possess. Here’s a detailed look at all features that’ll increase or beat down the price you’ve got to pay for a chair;

Ergonomic support

Most buyers opt for a chair to assure significant comfort. With emphasis placed on your chair’s armrest, upholstery, base support, and more, what you have to pay will likely increase. Differences in a chair’s ergonomic features could result in increases ranging within $50 – $150.  


A lot of buyers don’t really mind about getting chairs with any color. But a massive number of customers prefer being fussy over color before placing an order. While you’re most likely to get a red gaming chair cheap, lots of other colors could cause a spike in what you have to pay.

Color choices could increase or decrease your preferred chair prices to around $20 – $50.

Budget chairs

Some chairs offer buyers with limited resources an easy choice. Budget chairs could go for around $90 – $250.

There’s a downside to getting budget chairs. Some budget seats offer inferior features which could lead to discomfort in the long run. But don’t let this weigh you down. There’re some excellent choices for ergonomic chairs that could provide great support for sitters. 

Sitting posture improvement

Posturing is essential to gain considerable comfort on an ergonomic chair. A good number of chairs offer better seat support to keep sitters from developing back pain.

This posturing improvement could increase your budget for a chair or make no significant difference.

Weight Support Potential

While some chairs can only support sitters a little over 200lbs, there’re some massive support chairs for large sitters. These heavy-duty seats could support sitters weighing in excess of 300lbs, making comfort easier to achieve.

Sound/Lighting/Vibration Features

Gaming chairs mostly offer extra features to keep users immersed. Features such as sound systems, extra lighting, and game-enabled vibration remain highly sought after.

Gunning for chairs with such features could set you back anywhere around $50 – $200.

High-end chairs

While some chairs will offer great cushioning and additional features at around $200 – $700, there’re some chairs that are pricey to possess.

High-end ergonomic chairs could go anywhere around $1000 – $2500. These chairs come designed with premium materials, offering excellent support as a result.


How much should I spend on a chair? If that used to be your question, it’s certain you’ve gotten all the answers you need.

Make a choice based on what you need from a chair to ensure you make the most from your sitting time.