How much RAM does a tablet need?

When it comes to select or purchase a tablet any user must check out the RAM of the selected tablet. So every user must know how much RAM does a tablet need?

Although a tablet is also a device similar to a computer but the way a tablets works is very different than the computer. As the execution of apps and commands are different in both the computer and tablets.

At the same time, the operating systems used in both the tablet and computer are different. Because a computer includes a windows operating system while a tablet uses an Android operating system.

Similarly, the RAM of the tablet is also working differently as compared to a computer. Now let’s start taking a look at the RAM equipped in a tablet.

What is RAM and Why it’s Important

The RAM is considered as a single-chip equipped in a tablet. So the selection criteria of s tablet are based on its RAM and processor. As we know that RAM is the chip that is used to store data for the apps and processor. Therefore the user can store or retrieve its data more quickly as compared to the internal storage.

So the RAM can also be termed as a virtual piece of hardware to ensure the high performance of a tablet. Moreover, if a tablet has a good processor but it lacks RAM then this could cause trouble for the user.

How RAM is used in the tablet

Every operation that occurs in the tablet including apps required some amount of RAM. Therefore it is recommended that a tablet must have at least 1GB of RAM to operate efficiently.

For instance, a tablet needs 1GB of RAM and then the user opens the Facebook that required 500MB of RAM. So now the required RAM would become 1.5GB that is needed for a tablet to run Facebook.

Well, this is just an example to make the users understand the working of RAM in a tablet. Generally, Facebook required a RAM of 200MB to be executed on a tablet.

The requirement of RAM is keep increasing with the increase in the number of apps open on a tablet. At the same time tablet is considered to be a handy device to perform multiple tasks at a time.

So the user can open different apps on a tablet at a time these apps could be Gmail, Google, WhatsApp, Chromecast, and several other applications. The students could also enjoy large RAM to perform study tasks on a tablet.

Most of the users think that they have closed facebook by simply opening another application such as Instagram. Although that isn’t the reality it will be a surprise for any user that the application will keep running in the background. This is the only reason why the user receives a notification from Facebook even the user is using other applications.

Tablet plays hardball when it comes to RAM

As mentioned before the working of RAM in tablets and computers are completely different. Although sometimes the computer could also get out of RAM under this situation the computer starts to store data in the hard disk instead of RAM.

On the other hand in the case of the tablet, it starts closing apps that aren’t used by the user in the foreground. This little trick makes sure that the device keeps working efficiently and smoothly.

Why does too little RAM impacts the tablet performance

So before choosing a tablet every user needs to understand what are their requirements. In case if the tablet start closing apps in the foreground due to the shortage of RAM then this could be frustrating for the user. Because the user has to spend more time in opening each app which will cost more battery and processing power well.

How much RAM do you need for a tablet?

The range of the RAM for a tablet starts with 1GB although it is strongly recommended to go to other tablets that could offer more RAM.

On the other hand, various tablets in the market offer RAM for 2GB-4GB. If a user purchases a tablet with 2GB then there is a big chance that the use of the tablet would be very limited. As it won’t keep the apps open in the background which could be painful for the user.

So the user could go for the tablets with 3GB of RAM if they want more from their tablets still the performance won’t be much better from the user experience perspective.

Therefore if the user must go for the tablets with a minimum RAM of 4GB to meet the basic requirements. Although if the user wants to perform other heavy tasks on the tablet and have enough then they must go for other tablets with more RAM.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

What are the types of RAM?

The RAM matters a lot when it comes to the performance of a tablet as there are two types of RAM. One is the dynamic RAM while the other is the Static RAM.

Dynamic RAM

The dynamic RAM is used by different companies as a built-in memory in a tablet. There are around four different versions of dynamic RAM till today. Such as DDR, DDR4, DDR2, and DDR3.

The DDR and DDR2 are considered pretty old versions of dynamic memory. Therefore the companies are now using DDR3 and DDR4 dynamic memory in their tablets. 

Static RAM

The static RAM is also termed as SRAM that can store data in its six transistor cells. Moreover, the access rate of this RAM is very low as compare to dynamic RAM.

The cost of static RAM is very high as compare to dynamic RAM. At the same time, the processing power of this RAM is also pretty high.

On the other hand, the response of the static RAM is very fast unfortunately it can’t be used as an onboard memory of a device. In short, the static RAM is used as a cache memory of a processor by a tablet.

What is the difference between RAM and Storage?

Most people have to face difficulty in understanding the difference between RAM and Storage. The simplest difference is that the RAM always keeps the most used tasks or data ready. So the user could retrieve it quickly that can’t be possible through the internal storage of a tablet.

How to increase RAM in tablets?

The extension of the RAm in a tablet is impossible in most tablets due to the absence of the expansion slot. Although several tricks can be used to minimize the consumed RAM. By Closing the unnecessary tabs of your browser, cleaning junk files, Uninstall apps that aren’t in function.


So after exploring the whole topic it is clear that the selection of the tablet is based on the user’s needs and budget. So users could get the tablet with the required RAM easily if they have enough budget.