How Much Is Car Insurance in Canada?

When you buy the car of your dreams, you should think of it as a dream come true.  When you look at it, your eyes sparkle with happiness. And when you think of driving it, the adrenaline inside your veins intensifies. You see yourself as a racer and dream of going at incredible speeds. What can match that energy? Absolutely nothing!

But wait, Something is missing. That is car insurance. Little did you know that you’ll be sitting at your work desk, filling out forms of car insurance, hoping to find ways to pay it as soon as possible. It not only ruins your excitement, but it also puts a lot of stress on your mind. Who would have thought that it would leave you to this point? 

Luckily, all your complications can vanish in a few minutes. Stick it out till the end and you’ll find out everything about car insurance.

What Is Car Insurance?

If you have bought a car, you would undoubtedly be aware of what car insurance is. If not, be prepared for everything that might come.

Now, enough with the scare tactics. Let’s discuss what this whole situation is about.

Car insurance is like a payment for the protection of your car and yourself. When you buy a car, you pay a yearly premium covering your expenses of accidents and injuries. 

While living in Canada, it is an essential element that costs a great deal.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurance covers not only your car, but it covers you too. Having car insurance can assist you in:

Coverage Of Injuries

Car insurance covers all the injuries that occur to you in a car accident. It covers all the hospital expenses and your health expenses after that. In extreme cases, it also covers funeral expenses.

Theft Coverage

You never know what comes up, and you’ll have to deal with the situation no matter what. If unfortunately, your car is stolen, you will be devastated.

But the small consolation is your car insurance can cover the expense for you. How great is that?

We know that having your car stolen is the last thing you want in the world.  But relax, you shall not worry if you have car insurance.

Does It Cover All Mechanic Repairs?

Although the car insurance covers a great deal, it definitely doesn’t cover the wear and tears the user causes. Don’t expect them to pay for what’s your fault!

Own it!

All the mechanical repairs come from your pocket. On the bright side, driving safe is never a bad idea.

Benefits Of Car Insurance

‘How will the car insurance benefit me? They only take money from me!’

If this is what you’re thinking, let us explain further, and show you all the great recompense you can get from your car insurance.

Don’t think that you are getting robbed; the benefit is yours. Why? See for yourself:

  • You get complete financial support in all matters.
  • You can forget the stress of theft and vandalism.
  • It protects your life in numerous ways.
  • It acts as a guard for your passengers.
  • It provides you with a variety of coverage options.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Insurance

Your Driving Record

If you drive in a safe way keeping all the safety measures in view, you are less likely to have a high insurance rate.

Your Location

People living in highly populated areas tend to have a higher price to pay in terms of the insurance.

The Model Of Your Car

The make of your car and the model of it determines the rate of car assurance. It varies from company to company and year to year.

The Deductible Amount

If you have chosen a higher deductible amount, it is then obvious that you will have to pay less for car insurance. On the other hand, it is vice versa when your deductible amount is less.

How Much Is Car Insurance?

Now that you have all the knowledge you need, you must be curious to find out how much is car insurance. 

Living in Canada car insurance here is really costly. 

Let’s talk about car insurance yearly. Annually, the estimated car insurance is $1,427 per year in Canada. This is a tentative idea. But if you want a detailed view, hang in there because you’ll get everything you need.

If we take a look at the highest rates, we can observe that the highest rate in Canada goes to $1832 per year in British Columbia.

Still too much? Let’s step down to Ontario in which the cost of insurance is $1500. The estimated car insurance in Alberta is $1300, and lastly comes Quebec with just $700. Now you know where to buy a car if insurance is a concern. And if you want to know more about car insurance prices in Canada, you can just check his post by Surex

They make buying insurance the best experience for you. By comparing all insurance deals in Canada, they strive to provide you with the best one available. You can simply hand over the decision to them without a doubt.

How Much Is Car Insurance a Month? 

If you find it difficult to afford car insurance yearly, you can always divide it up into sections for your ease. If you are paying $1427 a year, your monthly insurance will reach an estimated $119 per month. It can be really easy if you break it down into sections. So why not avail of this opportunity?

How To Reduce Your Car Insurance?

Yes, you read that right. You can reduce your car insurance as per your demand. Want to know how? Just take a look at these simple things:

  • You can increase your deductibles.
  • Try opting for winter tires.
  • Compare to get the best rates.
  • Combine your insurances to get a discount.


Now, you know everything related to car insurance. Just go and buy insurance for your car. Without a doubt, it would prove helpful.

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