How much does the replacement of windows in San Rafael cost?

Practice shows that residents of new buildings come to the question of installing new metal-plastic windows instead of old ones. The reason is simple — quite often developers save on finishing, therefore budget metal-plastic structures of very low quality are used in new real estate. The window replacement project is always driven by the desire of homeowners to improve living conditions, and therefore to raise the standard of living.

Over time, old windows begin to see through and leak, in winter it gets pretty cool at home. New translucent structures of their PVC profile are comfortable, functional, and energy efficient. Thanks to them, you will have to pay much less for utilities. This is a long-term investment, so window replacement projects require a competent approach to choice.

What is the cost of replacement windows in San Rafael? 

Taking into account that ‘standard plastic window’ is a very conventional concept. Indeed, even in typical multi-storey buildings, windows of different sizes are installed. In addition, at least one window in the apartment is combined with a balcony door. Obviously, the cost of replacing in San Rafael is variable.

Each buyer chooses a complete set of windows depending on their preferences and needs. That is why ‘standard windows’ do not exist, we can only talk about the average cost of replacement windows in San Rafael of standard size windows. If you want to install one or two small slider windows, the average cost is about $600 to $700 per window for vinyl windows, but about $1,000 per window made from wood.

Not only the size of the window affects the cost. To calculate how much a plastic window costs, you need to know:

  • window dimensions;
  • the number of leaves and the method of opening each;
  • type of PVC profile from which the window is made;
  • parameters of a double-glazed window;
  • what accessories are selected for completing the window and what additional devices it is equipped with (sun blinds, child and anti-burglar locks, climate boxes, etc. increase the cost).

Prices may vary depending on the cost of materials. To find out the current cost, it is better to call the managers. 

How much does the bay window replacement cost? 

The main feature of a bay window is the presence of at least two window units connected to each other using a bay window pipe. Such products are more difficult to install and therefore more expensive. The cost of glazing in this case depends on the dimensions, design features, additional options and the complexity of installation work.

With Best Exteriors, you can return on investment — describe your future project and get $500 – $1000 off (valid with 5-10 windows minimum purchase and installation). Here you can buy plastic windows with a bay window. They will prepare solutions for the glazing of city apartments and country houses, the construction of winter gardens, the arrangement of kitchens, loggias, balconies etc.


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