How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost for PRP Facial?

Besides being used for medical treatment, stem cell therapy also can be used for cosmetic reasons. A great treatment for cosmetic reasons, is the Platelet Rich Plasma Facial. This beauty treatment is unique because it uses blood. 

Like other cosmetic treatments, the main purpose of these treatments is to get healthy skin. So, want to know more about the PRP Facial? I’m sure you are also wondering how much does stem cell therapy cost for this specific cosmetic treatment. Continue reading this article as we will break it down for you. 

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

PRP Facial is also known as Vampire Facial because the treatment uses the patient’s blood. It is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures, with many benefits for the skin. It’s also very effective and affordable, especially compared to other cosmetic treatments. 

Before the blood is applied to the face, it will be spun to get the platelet plasma. The mixture of the plasma then is applied to the face as a face mask. The treatment itself must be professionally done so that you get the best results possible.

Benefits of PRP Facial

One of the most important things about platelet plasma, is it works as an anti-aging serum that promotes rejuvenation and healing of the skin. That is why PRP Facial can help you to get rid of some skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment is a great method to improve skin texture as well.

How PRP Facial Works

A treatment of PRP Facial will take about 20-40 minutes. It is quite fast, so you don’t need to stay at a clinic for hours for this cosmetic procedure. Firstly, before the blood removal, a cream will be applied to the face. After that, micro-needling is done on the face for better absorption, and at the same time it stimulates collagen production.

The First PRP Facial

For the first time after getting this cosmetic procedure, some may feel discomforts such as the sensation of slight burning or tingling. Meanwhile, the others may feel nothing at all after the treatment. 

However, from the first treatment, you will get softer skin within 24 hours. The result will last about three months to one year depending on your skin health. Some people even get keep 100% of the results from the treatment for over a year. 66 unblocked games are a better way to get you update.

Frequency of Getting PRP Facial

In regards to the frequency of getting PRP Facial, you can get this cosmetic treatment done depending on your need. However, people recommend getting PRP Facial every four to six weeks. It’s not recommended to get this facial procedure done more frequently than that, as it can damage your skin. Before deciding if you want this treatment, you need to find out what condition and health the skin of your face is in. 

Side Effect of PRP Facial

PRP Facial is a very safe cosmetic treatment because there are no risks with having the treatment done (other than overdoing it). The FDA also has approved PRP Facial as a cosmetic procedure. Minor side effects might include minor swelling or redness. This rare and usually can be dealt with without taking pain medication. In addition, pregnant or nursing women should consult with a physician before having this treatment done. 

What to Do After PRP Facials 

After you get the treatment, it is highly recommended to not expose the skin to the sun for several days because your face skin will be more sensitive during this period. It is not recommended to apply makeup until your skin heals. Also, no swimming after the treatment for at least 48 hours.

More Info

Even though PRP facials are becoming popular due to how effective this cosmetic procedure is, it is not a miracle cure for all people. Every person is different, the result of the treatment will vary. Several factors that influence results are age, genetics, lifestyle, and much more. 

This cosmetic treatment is not for everyone. Someone that has a healthy body usually will get better results from PRP facials than those that do not. 

Furthermore, PRP facials are also categorized as a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, unlike fillers, Botox, or other surgical procedures. You can also visit the walkthroughtips for up-to-date.

PRP Facial Cost

How much does stem cell therapy cost for PRP facials? It is quite affordable compared to many other modern cosmetic treatments. However, it is still more expensive than other traditional cosmetic treatments that use micro-needling procedures. The cost itself is about $250 to $1,500. You can save money by checking out the best clinic in Mexico, their site is