How Much Does It Usually Cost to Hire a Commercial Painter?

In the United States, there are 381,500 different commercial painters for you to choose from.

When looking for a commercial painter, one of the main deciding factors will likely be the cost! But how much does commercial painting cost? 

Thankfully, we have the breakdown for you, so make sure you keep reading for the average commercial painting prices!

Average Cost of Hiring a Commerical Painter

For commercial painting services, the average cost is around $60 – $100 on an hourly basis. If they’re charging you by the square footage, that rate can be anywhere between $2 and $6. 

However, if you have any damages or problems with your walls, this could make the project more expensive as well. The texture of the wall may make a difference because it’s harder to get paint to stay on some of the bumpier walls. 

The best way to get an accurate estimation of how much everything will cost is to contact several painters. Once you give them specific details about the project, they should be able to give you a quote. 

Breakdown of the Costs

The square footage and the time it will take to complete a project aren’t the only factors that will determine how much hiring a commercial painter costs. 

There are other things like the quality and volume of paint, other supplies necessary, labor, and other administrative costs. 


If you want the highest quality paint, you’ll likely have to pay more money upfront. However, by choosing the paint that is going to last a while and be high-quality, you’ll likely be saving money in the long run by not having to hire another commercial painter

Plus, many commercial painters can also get a manufacturer discount that they can give to you, even for the higher-end paint. 

If a company offers you a painting proposal but doesn’t put in the proposal what kind of paint they’re going to be using, you should always make sure that you ask.

Some of them may try to charge you more for only using a lower-quality paint that costs maybe $10 per gallon. However, quality paint might be anywhere from $80 or more per gallon. 


A good painting company will offer you insurance and warranties on your project to make sure that you’re satisfied with your job. 

Sometimes the warranties and insurance are built into the total cost of the job, but sometimes they’ll offer them as extras as well. 

When you think about whether you should get it, you should think about the lease you have on the building and whether or not it’s worth it if you won’t even be there in a few years. 


When you ask for a painting quote, they’ll also consider how much labor they’ll have to put in to get the job done. 

They’ll consider their benefits, insurance, taxes, and hourly rate when they decide this. Some painting companies offer quotes based on the square footage, and some of them offer is based on an hourly rate. 

If they charge by labor, you may be charged extra if there is repair work that needs to be done before the painting can start. 

Square Footage

If you have a larger area that needs to be painted, you’ll likely have to pay more, unless they can offer you a discount. 

So before you start reaching out to painting contractors, measure the square footage of what you need to be painted. If you don’t have enough money to cover the entire project, consider only having a portion of the building painted. 

Walk around and figure out which areas might need more attention or touch-up than others. For example, you may only want to paint the place that customers will see to leave a better impression on them. This way you can start to narrow down some of that square footage. 

To save money, you can also try and do some of the repairs or smaller painting areas yourself. You should just make sure that you purchase the same color of paint that they will use. 

Other Materials

The quote may also include money to cover other materials that they’ll need to finish the painting job. 

You should be able to ask them what other materials or supplies they think they’ll need. This might include something like a ladder, paint tray, paint tape, rollers, paintbrush, or drop cloths. 

Make sure you also get clarification on whether or not the painting companies expect you to supply these materials. Oftentimes, they’ll supply them on their own. 

How to Find the Best Commercial Painter

If you want to save money in the long run, make sure you spend time doing research on finding a good commercial painting company. 

You can do this by first checking to see if they have a lot of existing jobs in their portfolio.

They should also have certification, and their painters should be licensed. If they’re not, you may want to stay away from that company. If they get injured at your business and don’t have licensure, you may be held liable. 

Learn More About How Much it Costs to Hire a Commercial Painter

These are only a few costs to consider when you hire a commercial painter, but there are many other things to consider as well!

We know that trying to find a commercial painter can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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