How much does it cost to remodel a shower?

Style relocation usually does not involve additional costs beyond removing the old shower and installing a new one, although there may be some hybrid solutions that involve additional costs.

A replacement in a larger project (bathroom renovation) may instead involve a complete redevelopment of the layout, including the shower stall.

In this case, the budget increases, since we are talking not only about redesigning the shower stall but also about interfering with plumbing connections, as well as dismantling and subsequent restoration of the wall, floor and screed coverings.Emerald Small Bathroom Remodel Works, a Brandon, FL company who has been providing services like home remodel in Brandon, FL area, has given us many useful tips as we are going ahead about shower remodeling costs for your home.

How much does it cost to remodel a shower: variables and cost items?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the fateful question "how much does it cost to remodel a shower" because several variables come into play when determining the estimate.

As already mentioned, the first significant difference lies like the work performed: it is one thing to replace an old or worn-out shower stall with a new generation shower stall (without affecting either the installation or the shape and size of the available space), another thing is to remodel the shower, completely changing the layout and/or the dimensions of the various elements of the bathroom.

Technically, the term Relooking refers to stylistic refresh: redo the look, exactly. In a specific case, it is a renewal and renewal of the style of the bathroom, replacing the old shower with a more modern, compact and functional model.

In turn, Relooking can be more or less expensive, depending on two main factors:

The type of shower stall chosen to replace the existing model There are an infinite number of shower stall options on the market; the price is influenced by the material and size of the shower tray, the thickness and quality of glass, taps and fittings, as well as shower accessories.

Design changes: If, in addition to redesigning the shower stall in a 'stylistic' sense, you also want to make design changes – for example: increase or decrease the space dedicated to the shower enclosure – you must add to the purchase price of the shower stall the cost of labor required to make the changes, both large and small.

A typical case of a restyling with changes is the conversion of a bath into a shower stall. This is a very fashionable "hybrid solution": easier intervention than renovation, but more invasive than simple restyling, both in terms of economic investment and in terms of time and energy.

Re-equipment of a shower cabin

If reworking a shower also implies a decision to move the shower stall to another place in the bathroom and at the same time change the location of all plumbing fixtures and choose new coatings, then we have a bathroom renovation job.

In this case, among the items of expenses for shower remodel, you will also have to take into account some masonry work and possible changes in the water supply connections.

If you want to get rid of your old tub or shower, using the leftover space for furniture or more functional arrangement of other plumbing fixtures, you should budget for the work needed to create a shower in another area of ​​the bathroom.

Depending on the space available, you can also choose a modern shower bath with fixed or sliding doors and a glass door for easy access (average cost € 5.000-6.000, installation included). Obviously, there are much simpler and cost-effective solutions.

In the case of repairing a shower stall with a simultaneous change in the anatomy of the bathroom, you will have to budget for other items of expenditure, in addition to dismantling the "old" and supplying/installing the "new".

  • Plumbing: approx. € 180 per water point
  • Electrical system: € 30-35 per lighting point
  • Restoration of screed and plaster: 20-25 euros per sq. m
  • Floor and tile laying: € 18-20 per sq.m
  • Painting: from 15 euros per sq.m. and higher, depending on the type of paint used

Implementation of a counter-wall for new plumbing connections: this solution, which costs between 500 and 600 euros, allows plumbing connections to be relocated without destroying the walls

How much does it cost to remodel a shower: conclusions

For dismantling an old shower and installing a new shower tray and box, the average cost is between 700 and 800 euros, divided equally between dismantling and installation.

These prices refer to simple models made of medium-quality materials, while the cost of installing more complex solutions – for example, a shower cabin with crystal glass or a hydro-massage shower with a sauna function – can even reach 1.500 / 2.000 euros.

The purchase price of new bathroom walls and floor coverings depends on the material: from the cheapest ceramics to the most expensive mosaics, going through wood, porcelain, marble or natural stone.

Also, the prices for a shower tray and box depend on the material: an acrylic shower tray costs about 100 euros and a ceramic one – from 200 euros and more. A glass shower enclosure with a standard type and opening size cost about 300-400 euros, while a similar version made of less valuable materials can cost 80-100 euros.