How much does it cost to raise a chicken?

How much does it cost to raise a chicken?

Chickens are among the most versatile animals as they provide us with food and materials to use. Raising chickens can become a good past-time, as well as a lucrative one as the poultry industry generates an average of 347 billion USD in the country.

Raising chickens can be a great start to a farm business or even a restaurant business. Before getting one, though, you need to know how to raise chickens and the cost of raising them.

Read what’s below to learn about poultry farming. This ensures that you’ll prepare yourself and set your farm up for success from the get-go.

Why Raise Chickens?

The number one reason why people own chickens is for their eggs. Fresh eggs are rich in flavor and are a great way to produce your own food during the health crisis we’re facing today. Taking care of them can also be therapeutic, making it one of the best hobbies to have nowadays.

Pastured eggs are more healthy because it has more omega-3 fatty acids. They contain a third more cholesterol than manufactured once.

Even their droppings are useful for you. You can use it as fertilizers for your plants or sell it to local farmers. This gives you many reasons to raise chickens in your backyard.

What Do You Need to Raise Chickens

Raising chickens is an activity that most backyard farmers go for. For you to start up, it’s important to take note of the following.

First off, you’ll need a chicken coop to house the chickens. The chicken coop needs to be 2-3 square feet per chicken. You can ask builders to make plans for a new one.

You’ll also need young chickens to raise in the coop. This ensures that they grow up getting used to the environment. Chicks will need most of your time but they do grow in 6 -10 weeks into a pullet.

You’ll also want an adult hen to take care of the younger chicks. An adult hen is not easy to find, though. You’ll need to find a poultry farm willing to sell them to you.

Making sure you have chicken feed at the ready is also important. Chickens’ metabolisms are fast, so you need to feed them as much as they need from the moment you get them. While they any leftovers you’ll give them, chicken feed is much better for their nutrition.

Bedding is also important, but it’s more for the odor they’ll produce. Materials like wood shavings and hemp absorb the odor and are cheap enough to get in bulk.

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Chicken?

How much you spend will often depend on how many chickens you’ll get at the start. Buying a chick will cost you 2-5 USD while an adult will cost around 30-40 USD. You’ll also need to spend on maintenance, which is often estimated to be around 69 USD per month.

Raise a Chicken Today 

How much does it cost to raise a chicken? With the guide above, you’ll know how to raise chickens from home. Prepare your finances and invest in chicken farming now!

Raising chickens is a great way to keep yourself occupied during this pandemic. Did you know that there’s more to raising them than meets the eye, though? Check out more of our guides to know how to raise chickens efficiently and effectively today!