How Much Does it Cost to Hire Python Developers?

Python is the most sought-after programming language in the world. Its versatility makes it popular among various industries and businesses that hire Python developers to build robust and scalable web applications. If you are one of them and looking in the market to find Python developers at the best reasonable costs, you came to the right place. 

Today every business owner wants to go online and get an app to connect with the audience more. And Python is the best development language out there. Companies such as Netflix and Microsoft use it for their large-scale projects. Python is a versatile language with a huge community. With its popularity, it is fair to wonder how much the cost to hire Python developers would be. In this article, we will break down the metrics that decide the cost so you can make a better decision. Let’s get started.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose language used mainly for building the backend of websites and applications. However, it has a huge set of libraries that makes it versatile for almost every area of web and software development. Python has a simple and concise syntax that helps write code fast. It has an easy learning curve. Python also has frameworks like Django and Flask that adds to its rapid development and versatility.

Companies hire Python developers as it easily integrates different web services, can build multi-platform applications, has user-friendly data structures, and much more to create a robust and scalable application. To hire Python developers, you need to make sure they have some

skills. The top useful skills needed in every developer are:

  • Experience in front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and related frameworks. 
  • Practical experience in server-side development. 
  • Ability to create appealing UI, and integrate APIs with clean code.
  • Coding fundamentals like Data Structure, OOPs, functions, etc.
  • Ability to do unit testing and debugging.


The Average Cost to Hire Python Developers

There are several factors that decide the cost to hire Python developers. The cost of Python app development may depend upon the project complexity, time needed, team size required, developers’ expertise, and more. The type of project you want to build will directly impact the budget. Moreover, where you hire Python developers also impacts the cost. Different regions and countries have more affordable rates than others. I have shown some of the countries and their cost in the table below.


North America$100-$180 per hour
Australia$65-$100 per hour
South America$40-$65  per hour
Russia$30-$50  per hour
Asia $20-$50  per hour

The development cost also depends on the company or marketplace you hire Python developers from if you go that route. Let’s discuss all these factors.  

To Hire Python Developers For Your Web Development Within 48 Hours:

Factors Affecting the Cost to Hire a Python Developer?

There are a lot of factors that directly affect the overall expenses to hire Python developers. Some key factors include:

1. Complex Project:·        

If the project is complex and time-consuming, developers will demand a higher fee to complete the project compared to an easier and short-term project. 

2. Python Developer Expertise:

A Junior level Python developer will not have many skills compared to an experienced developer. Hire Python developers with the skills required by the project as the cost is directly proportional to the expertise required.

3. Development Location: 

The cost to hire Python developers will differ from one region to another. There are salary differences in each country and you may find countries with top development skills and cheaper prices.

4. Development Time:

Time is important when you are competing in the cutthroat market. If you want your project to complete in a short time, the cost spent to hire Python developers will be more. 

5. Maintenance:

Project maintenance is one of the most important yet the most overlooked aspects of development. You should have to pay for app maintenance to ensure debugging and app updates. 

Where to Hire Python Developers?

Python has a huge developer community around the world which means you can easily hire as many developers as you require easily. But what would be the cost? The expertise? You need to

make sure you hire Python developers that are ideal for you. Here are a few places you can find the best-suited developers-

1. Hire Freelancers from online portals:

Today there are many online portals to hire Python developers from. In these portals, you will find developers with a range of specialties and expertise, with freshers and experienced both.

There are many portals such as Upwork and Fiverr where you can get freelance developers. They are budget-friendly and a suitable choice for startups or for businesses with heavy workloads. However, these developers mostly work on short-term contracts so any complex or time-requiring work might not be their forte.

2. Hire Remote Python Developers:

The best way to hire Python developers for your full-length projects on a budget, then hiring remote Python developers is the best option. Nowadays you will find a lot of development companies and marketplaces such as Optymize that provide professional highly vetted and experienced developers. You can hire as many developers as the project requires on a contract basis. They will work full-time and provide 24*7 support.

Other ways to hire Python developers are:

1. Hire Full-time-In-house Python Developer

Hiring an in-house developer is the most expensive and time-consuming model among other models. However, these developers stay for a long term, help in emergency situations and form your core team. Hire Python developers as full-time employees because they will provide long-term benefits

to the company.

2. Hire Part-Time Developer

If you cannot arrange for a full-time developer, hire Python developers as part-time employees. They are less expensive and will provide value for money. They also won’t be coming to the office much, and you can save some expenses there.

3. Hire an Outsourcing Team

Just like you can hire remote developers, you can hire a whole development company or a whole team of developers who can look after your project from design to launch. They will build your project as per the requirements. Though the process is costly, the outcome will be productive.


Python developers will forever stay in demand as with the rise of advanced technology, usage of Python has increased as well. We want the language to build our backend systems. I hope the article helped you in finding cost-effective ways to hire Python developers. For any query or consultation, you can contact Optymize.

Optymize is a talent marketplace platform that provides the top 3% of the best developers worldwide to global startups and Fortune 500 companies. Many top companies like Goldman Sachs and Coinbase have hired remote developers from them, now is your turn.

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