How much does click funnels cost?

If you are a bit used to internet marketing or someone interested in creating a Salesfunnel website, then I believe you will hear about ClickFunnels.


Many people who want to conduct online transactions with non-profit organizations usually worry about the price of ClickFunnels because it has a monthly payment model.


ClickFunnels is an online sales channel creator. With a drag-and-drop interface and special changes to the entire channel layout, you can easily create bar transactions for online businesses.


Before we go into further details, a quick answer is:

Assuming you like a modest plan, then a start-up plan is the right decision and costs $97 per month. However, this arrangement does not set forth unlimited limits. Startup features include 20,000 visitors, three custom domains, 20 channels, 100 pages.


At the same time, if you are not interested in the price, you need to choose the ideal suite plan. Its price is every month $297. It may seem expensive, but you will not be intimidated by the highlights you get. This complete suite plan only provides some functions beyond Back-pack.

ClickFunnels is an expensive tool that helps a lot in marketing. Many people are reluctant to invest $97 per month for the standard plan, let alone the Etison Suite, which costs $297 each month. What most people don’t know is that there are no rules that prevent you from creating sales routes for different people, regardless of your plan.


Not even concerned about plans to curb partnerships. In this project, you will share the channel with others. Although it costs only $19, you can only edit part of the conversion funnel shared by the original creator.


In order to make the most of ClickFunnels, you need to sell some conversions that you don’t use. This means that if you pay a specialist you do not have to pay for all of this, because you will be charged for automatic conversion, and as long as you are not profitable.


Yes in this article, I will discuss in detail the price of ClickFunnels, the organization of its pricing plans, and the pricing plan that best suits you based on your needs and budget.


Before withdrawing your credit card and reaching the monthly repayment period, be sure to read this comprehensive clearance pricing review.


ClickFunnels Pricing

I have seen that ClickFunnels has all the functions that can help you sell more utilities, grow your business, and make more money. But what is the starting price?


There are two pricing plans, ClickFunnels Basic and Full ClickFunnels kit. In this guide, I showed you the plan for the pricing calculation. It is an ideal choice for business owners who do not need to build an infinite ClickFunnels.


I will show you a high-cost plan that allows you to use all the features of ClickFunnels. Finally, we now have a third price option, the collective ClickFunnels plan. This is another unlimited plan, but with other features and price increases.


I will also show you all the finals of ClickFunnelsand their prices. Go well, go deep.


  • Standard plan per month $97

This is a basic plan which is shown in the system. Through this plan, normally you will get a package of services, which include.


  • 20 Press
  • 100 pages
  • 20,000 traffic
  • Unlimited potential customers
  • 3 custom domains

If you are charged 50 for each exchange funnel, you should be able to create more than 19 by yourself. With 19 chimneys, you can get a total of $950. For $97, you can still get a profit of $853. The only thing to worry about is the number of viewers. After visiting the website, the conversion path will be unavailable and you will need to upgrade to EtisonPackage.


You should keep in mind that you will get only three of the custom domains. In this way, it explains that if you are publishing the services as a marketing manager, you need to let the user know that he needs to buy a domain name that he can use in the conversion path.


  • Etison Suite Monthly $297

This is the second option and costs $297 per month. Although it may seem expensive, it does cost more money. If you multiply $97 by 3, the fee from the three accounts is $291 but with three accounts, you can only create 60 funnels.


However, as long as there isa $297/month plan, you will get the following services.

  • Infinite funnels
  • Unlimited page setup
  • Unlimited number of viewers
  • Unlimited potential customers
  • Unlimited custom domains


Obviously, if you want to promote yourself as a joint finalist, you will eventually have to upgrade the project because it has more financial significance.


In case, you select the mentioned plan, you can take advantage of many features that the standard plan does not have.

That include:

  1. Actionetic: a follow-up system that can create rules. After the rules are in place, ClickFunnelswill send follow-up marketing emails to an email list of your choice.
  2. BackPack: This is a system where you can create a membership plan. You can work with marketers to sell your products, and then, if they successfully recommend, they will earn a commission.

Billing integration is provided in both plans. With the standard plan, you can only get one billing integration, while the Etison Suite buyer can get three. Through these two premium plans, you will get all services of Etison Suite at a lower price. If you do mathematical calculations, it’s like paying $166 monthly for all features of Etison Suite instead of $1,997.


If you have at least 20 customers per month, you will receive 1,000 billsper month. If you choose an annual plan, you will get a return on investment within two months. The remaining time has lower profits.

ClickFunnels FREE Trial

After the huge success of the system, many people want to use the click program, but due to recurring costs, they are reluctant to do so.


The following questions are usually asked: “How to use ClickFunnls for free”, “How to get ClickFunnlsfreely” and “is it true thatClickFunnls are free.”


If you want to use ClickFunnlsfor free forever, I think you need to search a “lifetime free” plan elsewhere.You can try to ClickFunnlsin a variety of ways, and then upgrade to a future payment plan or get some discounts in a few days.


How does the free trial of ClickFunnels14-day work?

To test any plan, the easiest and preferred way to try ClickFunnels for free is to select a wealth management plan of your choice and start a 14-day free trial.


As I mentioned earlier, you can choose between two payment plans, “20,000 monthly access plan” and “Etison Suite plan”, which start at $97 and $297 per month respectively.


Both plans come with a free trial version of ClickFunnels, and you can discover all the features in the selected project for free within 14 days. To start using ClickFunnelsfor a free trial, you need to provide your personal details and credit card information.



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