How much do stairlifts cost in the UK


Stairlifts can be of varying sizes and shapes. Thus depending on your preference, the stairlift offered in the market can have a straight, curved, or space-saving design. Therefore, a stairlift in your house can be a fantastic asset as it makes your looks beautiful.

Moreover, stairlifts also help the people who find it difficult to walk around the house. However, still deciding to invest in stairlifts can be difficult for a person. In this article, we will explain how the stairlifts are priced and the difference in cost between the stairlifts, which are curved and straight.

How much is the cost of a stairlift?

Getting a stairlift for your home is a brilliant idea because a stair lift allows you to move freely throughout the house. Also, with a stairlift installed in your home, you are secured from tackling the difficulties faced in walking during the senior citizen years. But with so many benefits, the cost of the stairlifts is not fixed, and it varies depending on different factors.

The cost of the stairlifts depends upon the nature of the stairlift. For example, if a stairlift is straight, then the cost of the stairlift will be less, while a curved stairlift will cost you more because of the complexity of the stairlift increases. Thus to get an accurate idea about the cost of the stairlift, you need to call an expert who can analyze the area in which the stairlift needs to be fitted. Then, depending on the area and size of the airlift, the final price is decided.

The price of the airlift depends on the factors such as the shape of the stairlift, removal of articles in the location for fixing the stairlift and the customizations you demand your house.

Difference of prices between a straight and a curved stairlift

It is evident that the prices of curved stairlifts will be more than the prices of straight stairlifts. The reason is very simple to interpret. A straight stairlift can move up and down with the help of a simpler shelf track mechanism. In contrast, a curved stairlift demands the engineers to design a different type of mechanism which fits in your house.

The other things which make the curved stairlifts more expensive than the straight stairlifts are the manufacturer and the installation charges. Because every manufacturer produces stairlifts at different prizes. Moreover, the installation cost varies depending upon the workmen the company uses for installing the stairlift. If the company uses more men for the installation of stairlifts, then the cost of installation will be higher. Because the company would be required to pay more people.

Therefore to get an accurate idea about the prices of the stairlift, you need to call an expert stairlift fitter.


In this article, we have explained the parameters behind the pricing of the stairlifts. The price of a stairlift for your house depends on parameters such as the shape of the stairlift, size, space availability, etc. A person should keep these parameters in mind before buying a stairlift.

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