How Much Can I get Property in Mahmutlar?

The busy town of Mahmutlar has coveted the attention of many people in Turkey’s capital city of Alanya. Turkey is known for one thing; no area takes all of the shine. It is interesting that, unlike major cities where you can find one massive / mega town that stands out and overshadow others, the goodness of the Turkish people is widespread. Since a city cannot take the glory, you will discover that tourism is split across many corners of the country and has even spilled into the famous outskirts, including Mahmutlar.

You can find people from all over the world in the central city areas, and Mahmutlar is no exception. Being a predominantly Islamic state, you may find the pencil-top mosques mesmerizing. These mosques often have an open space on the inside with various Turkish rugs decorating the floors were devout Muslim pray. With no gainsaying, Mahmutlar is one the kind and lively places for a Muslim to live and easily blend in. But as a non-muslim, you will also enjoy your stay there.

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Other factors to consider in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is within a short distance from other city centers. Another perk to living in this place is that a few minute’s rides and you would have reached the juiciest spots in Antalya. You can easily navigate to other areas like Erzin (1 kilometer away) and Dortyol (10 kilometers apart). A good fact about this feature is that it ensures there is no limitation to the enjoyment in the town. You could stay in Mahmutlar and take in the culture, or go to other city areas and enjoy a new environment, snacks, businesses, etc. All the villages of Antalya have something to offer, and the richness is within a few minutes apart from each other.

Some of the Towers in Mahmutlar to buy properties

Knowing what developers are available and the properties are up for grabs is desirable. Here are some of the most famous towers or building structures to stay in Mahmutlar:

  1. The Alanya Koyak Resort
  2. Gold For Sun Apartments
  3. Towers King Apartment – Konak Seaside residences
  4. Gold sun apartments
  5. Azura Residences and complex
  6. Select Apartments

The properties listed above have impressive classic residences up for grabs. They have modern designs are made by prestigious companies in Turkey and, in some cases, from outside the country. They are large in size, easily purchasable, and long-lasting. The reviews that you will find about the location are likewise encouraging as people speak good of life in Mahmutlar. Will you go for an apartment in a tower or an independent structure.

You can get a flat, a single-room apartment, larger rooms, and deluxe apartments at reasonable prices. Alternatively, you can check out hotel residences and lodge if you only need a few night’s shelters. 

What to have in your pocket before you Consider Property Purchase in Mahmutlar

If you are looking forward to a property in the area and need ideas about apartments prices in Mahmutlar, then kindly read more on the Read more on the official website Turk.Estate. The website lists some of the available properties in Mahmutlar and the prices you can find. The properties range from studio apartments to single beds on one hand – beginning from €2,000 – €100, 000 for rentals on a monthly/ yearly basis. Additionally, you can get a 2–4-bedroom apartment or penthouse at slightly higher prices from €5 000 – €200 000 per annum, and up to €500, 000 for an outright sale of the property. Meanwhile, Villas have a much higher price range; unlike apartments which may be contained in towers and skyscrapers or tall structures, Villas stand on their own, consume more land mass, and are more equipped with facilities, etc. For villas, there is no threshold, it may run into €500 000 for rent per annum, and purchase plans depend on how much has been divested in the development of the property.


This text has considered the various property prices in Mahmutlar and contains a link to preview the available real estate and check out the prices for yourself. If you love the area and want to reside there, visit the link above. All the best with your home decisions!