How May Float Van Marketing Help You Build Your Business?

Mobile van advertising subtly yet effectively communicates the brand message. You may have observed automobiles parked in congested areas such as in front of a mall or along motorways. They are typically lovely, and it is difficult to look away from them. In the midst of the congestion of commercials, firms are seeking advertising methods that make advertisements a part of the consumer’s everyday routine rather than an intrusion. For more information, you can connect to some best companies dealing in Mobile Van Advertising in Chandigarh.


Mobile Vans are a flexible medium for marketing a product or service, depending on the kind of reaction the company wants from its target demographic.

As Delivery Vans

This is the most common kind of mobile van advertising, in which the brand employs delivery vans as a promotional vehicle. Brands equip delivery vehicles with large-scale advertisements including their logo and graphics in order to raise brand recognition and reinforce their message.

Mobile Vans as Live Kiosks

Mobile Van Advertising has also developed an unusual advertising alternative in which the Mobile Vans are meant to function as mobile kiosks for brand promotions. We all remember the legendary Kaun Banega Crorepati ‘hot seat’ Vans doing the rounds at the city’s busiest areas; it was a clever marketing play. When it comes to promoting product awareness and even booking booths, several vehicle companies such as TVS and Honda use Mobile Van Branding Services. These live kiosks may also be utilized for product sampling, publicizing forthcoming events, and so on.

As Digital Ads

The most recent innovation in Mobile Van Advertising is to use them as digital advertising mediums by placing LED displays on them and playing ads. It is the most engaging mass communication medium. They can’t afford for the viewers to miss them.

Benefits of Mobile Van Advertising in Chandigarh –

The Masses and the Classes

In India, mobile van advertising is not limited to a single location; the brand’s message reaches everyone. It aids in the creation of a new market by establishing a presence and encouraging prospective purchasers to purchase a certain product or service.

Extend Your Horizons

Brand mobility is provided through Mobile Van Advertising in Chandigarh. Wherever the Van goes, the Brand follows, giving in increased reach and visibility. Our car will readily draw the attention of other road users if it has prominent advertising pictures or colors.

Clearly audible

Despite the fact that Mobile Van Branding Services is not an “in your face” marketing tactic, the big advertising panels on large vans cannot escape missed.

Advertising is a low-cost option.

Because we’ve been driving a vehicle, we’ve been performing branding in an automated method, without any extra expense, this sort of moving to advertising is less expensive than television advertisements, newspaper ads, or other forms of advertising that must be paid per word, per size, and so on. It is without a doubt one of the most cost-efficient Advertising mediums since it provides a comprehensive bundle of higher visibility, mass reach, and effective communication in one vehicle.

Increased Control

Your ad campaign will be easier to manage. With your Mobile Billboard, you can follow the vehicle wherever it travels, so you know precisely who is being reached. If the Mobile Van happens to be going through an area where your target demographic is especially thick, they may pull over to get your ad spotted by prospective purchasers.

Subtle but powerful

Mobile Vans communicate and indicate its presence in a discreet way, unlike other marketing channels like radio or television, which interrupt the listener to deliver an ad.

Increased Participation

Mobile Van Advertising may also be used to promote product specs, product samples, and sometimes even as a booking booth. The Vans may also be transformed into a live stage to promote an event launch.

Better coverage on a limited budget

When a product is delivered, it will not only promote in one location, but it will also advertise in a larger territory. For example, if it is delivered outside of the city, then the branding of the product is done outside of that region too.


Mobile van advertising as Live Kiosks is used by many cellular companies and two-wheel manufacturers. Some firms might give out free samples to their target market and also utilize it as a live kiosk to collect information such as phone numbers or conduct consumer preference surveys. These live kiosks may also be used to give trials and demonstrations to promote a certain business or service. There are vehicles that have been built specifically for road displays.

The most recent innovation in mobile van advertising is to use them as digital advertising mediums by placing LED displays on them and presenting advertisements, cricket matches, video tunes, and even movies.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.