How many Gmail accounts can I have on my number?

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Difference between Gmail accounts, Google accounts, and G Suite accounts

All Gmail accounts are not G Suite accounts while all Google accounts are not ended on Because there is a big difference between Gmail, G Suite, and Google accounts. Most people are buying Gmail accounts, but they do not know what types of accounts, they are using. Here we will discuss these accounts in detail, and then you will come to know which accounts are best for you.


Gmail is a famous web browser email service that came into existence in 2004 by Paul Bucheit. The main person was Paul Bucheit, but many other developers have participated in this project. The accounts of Gmail end with and these are free from the cost of creating and using. So if you want to create Gmail accounts or use these accounts, there are no charges. However, the features of such accounts are also limited. But not too limited that you can say that these are useless. If you want to use a communication tool for your personal life, then it is a good idea to use Gmail accounts.

However, by using Gmail accounts, you can get access to lots of other communication and internet tools. But you cannot use these accounts for your business, because it offers only 15 GB of data which is not enough for your business. And it is the policy of google to delete your all data and record from your Gmail accounts if storage is enough.

Google accounts

Like Gmail accounts, a Google account is a username and password that is important for login to many services of Google like Google Docs, Google sites, Google maps, and other useful services. However, a Google account can be ended with your company name as well as another email service name. However, it should keep in mind that all Gmail accounts are Google accounts, while all Google accounts are not Gmail accounts. Google accounts are also free of cost and you can use these accounts for using multiple services of Google. This guide will help you to know how to Gmail login with different accounts using different devices.

G Suite accounts

G Suite is paid shape of Gmail accounts. However, the end of G Suite is not with And another big difference between G suite with Gmail and Google is that no one can use these services of G Suite without any cost. Because there are monthly charges for using these accounts. However, if we talk about different features, then Gmail and google accounts are limited in using features. But there is no limit to using G suite features for business. And only business companies, departments, and organizations are buying G suite accounts from their business promotions.

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Phone verified accounts

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Complete profiles

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Customer support center

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