How Many Different Types Of Packaging Comes Under Gift Boxes?

No other tradition is cherished as much as gifting. The inception of this unique custom or ritual dates back to ancient human beings. As time has passed, more and more innovations have come forth to the scene in terms of gift presentation. One such innovation is gift boxes that are expertly curated to make the event a memorable one for the audience. Numerous customization and print options are on offer for you to get as unique as possible while selling retail gift products. Likewise, you can have a go at some exquisite styles and types of these packages to make your gifts a favored choice. 

Favor Boxes

Favor packages are a popular type of custom gift boxes typically smaller in size. They are used to hold various products such as mints, chocolates, truffles, cakes, and so on. Although their size is smaller, you can customize them to match the dimensions of the desired products or favors. Staying true to the nature and theme of the event on which the blessings are being distributed among guests is also possible. 

For instance, a simple change in the exterior appearance of the packages with red and white color schemes could make them complement the wedding theme. Likewise, you can modify the appearance according to the music of other occasions like charity functions, community gatherings, etc. Additional add-ons in printed foils, ribbons, custom inserts can also be implemented in the overall box design. These little yet creative touches remark your love feelings for the attendees of an event. 

Gable Box

A gable box is a particular gift box that mostly gets associated with the party or food favors. This is because it was originally made to hold and contain food products. The specialty of this box lies in the intelligent design that impresses the people in the first instance. It has a square bottom that can withhold a product that is several times heavier than it. It can be layered with an additional cardboard sheet if the products to be carried are weightier. 

It has a triangular, or more precisely, canopy-shaped handle at the very top. Not only this makes the box look splendid, but it promotes a positive user experience. Made from unique cardboard variants, the handle has a perfect grip that makes the carrying experience memorable. The ends fold up into the handle at the top that forms a closed structure to prevent the entry of outside elements. 

Gift Card Packages

Gift card boxes are a good name in the modern packaging world. They are spot-on in amusingly conveying your gift cards to the target audience. Again, the specialty lies in their ability to get the theme designed. For relaying personalized messages, several print options equipped with contemporary CMYK and PMS color models can be chosen. The packages also serve brilliantly as a shield for gift cards to protect against harmful factors.

Their resistance against shocks, abrasion, pressures and critical loads is highly recognized in the packaging realm. The placement of custom inserts can also be done for the accurate presentation of multiple gift cards. The inserts also add to the stacking strength of these packages and protect the edges of gift cards from damage. For a premium feel, the boxes can be personalized with silver or golden printed foils. 

Handle Boxes

Handle boxes and gable packages may sound similar. But, there is a big difference as the former can be of any shape while the latter comes in a specific gable shape. Having a handle at the top, they proffer ultimate ease to carry the products around in a hassle-free manner. The customization options are simply endless, as you can achieve any design distinction with them.

You can either have a go at the die-cut windows or implement a sleeve in the box design. This design innovation leads to a more innovative product presentation that promises you to get higher dividends. The lamination options are also there to help you with the protection and presentation matters. PP, PE, gloss, and matte laminations can increase the barrier properties while also managing a pleasant look. 

Halloween Boxes

Halloween packages are unique in the sense that they are used for packaging only the gifts related to the Halloween event. Some scary graphics, creepy illustrations, and particular color combinations can be inserted into the packaging design. The relevance to the possibility of Halloween can also be achieved through special techniques like embossing and debossing. The embossed and debossed designs produce an authentic three-dimensional look and enhance the textural feeling of the packages. You can have a go at particular finishing options to make sure that the boxes are catchy and attractive enough. 

Ornament Boxes

The name implies that ornament packages are used for certain gift products. They are not meant to add to the glamour of presents, but they also proffer absolute protection. They can be aided with unique add-ons like die-cut windows and silver foiling to enhance their aura. Unique coating options can also promise you far better results in achieving an ultimate visual prominence. They have an eco-friendly touch, as well as they are made from cardboard variants and use sustainable inks during printing. 

Gift boxes have several different types, promising some unique and better features than others. They are unbeatable when it comes under the protection and display of elegant gift products. The selection among their types can differ depending upon the nature and class of your items.