How long will it take for world travel to return to normal?

New variants of COVID-19 virus are being discovered and we can see how new travel restrictions are being imposed from time to time. Based on this, we are not too sure when global travel will return to normal. This is something that most people out there are concerned about as well. That’s because all their travel plans are ruined due to the travel restrictions.

Can you travel at all? 

Yes, it is possible for you to travel to certain countries out there in the world. However, there are numerous important things that you will need to keep in mind as you travel. For example, you will need to obtain a Fit to Fly Covid test certificate. Without this certificate, you will not be allowed to board into certain countries as you travel. You will need to use the certificate and tell that you are not infected with the Covid-19 virus as you travel. It is one of the most effective methods available to keep the virus away from spreading from one country to another. Evidence of a negative test will suppress the transmission of new variants to different parts of the world as well. 

When will travel return back to normal? 

When you take a look at the vaccination drives and current trends into consideration, we can assume that things will return back to normal by 2023. However, this can further delay, especially if the newly discovered variants don’t respond to the vaccine. However, we can also expect leisure travel and short-haul travel to recover faster. We can expect to see some improvements in short-haul business travel as well.

Problems with vaccine inequality 

One of the biggest challenges that keep global travel away from returning is vaccine inequality. The developed nations out there in the world have vaccinated most of the people, but this is not something that we can see in under developed countries. Vaccine inequality can create a major negative impact on herd immunity.

The developed countries will be able to achieve herd immunity within 2022. The United States and the United Kingdom will most probably become the very first countries to achieve herd immunity. However, herd immunity cannot be achieved when the vaccines are not equally distributed around the world.

Countries are planning to reopen, but there are some concerns 

Numerous countries out there in the world are looking forward to reopening, but there are few concerns. For example, there is no possibility for some of the countries to adopt robust testing protocols against the virus.

There are ideas being developed to offer vaccine passports to the people as well. This will make it mandatory for all the people who wish to travel to obtain their COVID vaccines. Since vaccination is the most effective approach available to suppress the spread of the virus, this can be considered as an effective approach available.

Should you get ready for travel? 

The world is not yet safe for travel. Hence, it is better if you can postpone your leisure travel plans at least until the end of 2022. By then, we will be able to have a better understanding on when the world travel will be open. In case if you are traveling for business, studies, or any other purpose, you will be able to take a look at the travel restrictions and proceed with your travel plans. However, you should carefully take a look at all the restrictions and regulations that are in place. Based on that, you can figure out how you will be able to go ahead with your travel plans.