How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?

Buying a gaming laptop is no small investment. Hence, it is quite natural that one would expect their laptops to deliver a certain level of performance. Let us look at some of the factors that determine the lifespan of a gaming laptop.


One of the biggest factors that determines the performance of your gaming laptop is the CPU. A lot of gamers and analysts have suggested the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor as one of the best choices. The new Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, with the Intel Core i7 chip is also a good choice for a long-lasting gaming laptop. Any device with such a high-performing CPU can easily last for over 3 years on an average. Apple laptops like the MacBook Air MDQ32HN/A, which is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor, can even last you a good five years.


GPUs are an integral part of gaming laptops. How well a gaming laptop can perform, and its eventual longevity is more or less dependent on the performance of the GPU. The Radeon RX 6800 XT is one of the best GPUs that can give you a lag-free gaming experience, even while playing graphics-intensive games for hours on end.


Another very important aspect of a good laptop is its RAM. If your gaming laptop doesn’t have enough RAM, it can severely under-perform and not deliver to your expectations. Any laptop that has 8 GB RAM can surely be future-proof, and not let you down anytime soon in the future. However, if your gaming laptop only has 4 GB RAM, sooner rather than later, you will be forced to upgrade to 8GB or even 16GB RAM.


Gaming laptops are generally more prone to overheating than the normal laptops. Therefore, even the best gaming laptop needs to be taken care of. Even with no dust accumulation, a laptop needs to be provided with an active cooling pad. USB powered cooling pads also work fine. Some gaming laptops, if provided with cooling pads, can last you up to 7 to 8 years easily. 


Laptops collect a huge amount of debris in its ports and keys. If these aren’t cleaned every 6 months, there are high chances of your laptop collapsing earlier than it should. If your laptop is older than 2 years, you might even consider getting it dismantled and cleaned properly by a technician. Regularly maintained laptops can last even 6-7 years.

Battery maintenance

Whether you’re playing OverWatch or Fortnite, gaming drains a lot of battery. And often times, users have to deal with old gaming laptops that quickly drain their battery. To avoid this, you should take care of your laptop battery from the very beginning. Make sure that you only connect to the charger when you need to charge the laptop, and don’t leave it on all the time. Also, it’s good to practice not to drain out the charge completely. Thus, striking this perfect balance can help you own a healthy laptop for a decent amount of time.


Most gaming laptops today come with gaming-friendly hardware. This means that they are relatively heavy, but in return, they become tougher. If correctly maintained, good hardware components can easily last you for years.

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