How Long Does It Take for Invisalign to Work? The Ultimate Guide

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‘How long does it take for Invisalign to work?’ This is a common question for people planning to go for Invisalign braces.

If you have the same concern, this guide will help you know the main factors which affect the duration. Some adults take up to two years, while others notice results after the first two weeks.

The duration entirely varies among patients, but you can learn a few tips to facilitate your period. Keep reading this guide to learn more about the same.

Factors That Affect the Duration of Invisalign Treatment

As mentioned, many factors determine the time taken for the Invisalign to work. Here are the main factors:

Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps happen when the gum tissue is too large for the teeth to fit in. The gaps may also be a result of small teeth that don’t fit in the available space.

If the teeth gaps are large, the treatment duration period may be prolonged than when the teeth gaps are small. However, the duration may still depend on other factors; hence, small gaps do not always guarantee a faster treatment period.


Are your teeth overcrowding? If yes, then the Invisalign treatment may take a longer period. The overcrowding falls into three main categories: severe, moderate, and low.

The severe overcrowding may take more than two years. Moderate crowding takes an average of 12 months, while low overcrowding can take less than six months.

Age of the Patient

Normally, children take a shorter period than adults. This is because they are still growing thus; the teeth move fast. Adults’ treatment takes a longer period, but this is not always the case.

If the tooth biting is not severe, then the treatment can take a shorter period. Besides, the modern Invisalign materials are strong and effective, and they can guarantee great results within the shortest period, even for adults.


You have a role to play when undergoing an Invisalign treatment. You should observe the appointments given by your dentist and also stay away from the food substances, which might cause adverse effects or slow down the process.

The orthodontist provides some rules that you must follow during the entire treatment period. The rules include the number of days you should be wearing the braces and the practices you should adopt.

The rules given are always unique, depending on the patient’s condition and goals. If you follow the instructions, then the treatment duration will take a shorter time too.

Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene is a major determinant of the duration of your orthodontic treatment. If you don’t observe the right dental hygiene tips, you might take an extended period to correct a small misalignment.

Even worse, you may develop oral infections, which not only affect the recovery period but your oral health as well.

The best way to facilitate the treatment is to keep your mouth clean. You should brush your teeth twice per day, avoid alcohol and drugs, and avoid coffee as well.

Also, you should clean the braces well. Before you leave the hospital, your dentist will show you how to clean Invisalign trays to keep them in excellent condition. Follow those rules to shorten your treatment time and enjoy the treatment as well.


How Long Does It Take For Invisalign to Work: The Answer

According to the above factors, it’s evident that the period is not fixed. The minimum period you can take to notice results in two weeks can extend up to three years, depending on your condition’s severity.

However, it’s good to ask your orthodontist how long the treatment will take. It’s only the doctor who can give an exact answer according to your condition.

The dentist should first examine your teeth, know your age, and listen to your needs. After that, they should give you a time estimate of how long you will take to recover.

So, don’t judge the duration depending on other people’s experiences or your past experience. Every case is unique, and a reputable dentist can answer this after the consultation.

Tips to Speed up Your Invisalign Treatment Duration

Here are the basic guidelines that you can follow to speed up your treatment period. Read through them to avoid inconveniences and see Invisalign results within the shortest time possible.

Wear the Aligners for 22 Hours per Day

Dentists recommend patients to wear braces for 20 to 22 hours per day. The extended daily period ensures that the treatment is effective. Unless your dentist has instructed you to remove the braces when sleeping, you should observe the 22 hours daily.

You should only remove them when you need to brush your teeth or clean the Invisalign braces.


Consult Your Dentist

At times, you might notice some adverse effects on the teeth. It could be irritation, bleeding, or discomfort. Whatever the case is, you should not tolerate it.

Your orthodontist should know of the issue immediately to recommend a handy solution or change the aligners.

Be Gentle on the Aligners and Keep Them Safe

Aligners come in different materials. Some of these materials are highly fragile and can break if you don’t keep them well. Some may hurt your gum if you don’t handle them gently.

You should be keen when placing or removing them on your teeth. You should also keep them safe to avoid misplacement or breaking.

Stay Positive

The last important tip to shorten your Invisalign treatment time is to stay positive. If you are working with a great orthodontist and following the instructions, then everything will go well. You will also recover within a short period.

Be positive all through, and you will get your smile back.

Talk to an Orthodontist Today

Invisalign treatment is a modern solution to tooth bite, misalignment, and other issues. If you are not proud of your smile, then a great orthodontist can help you.

The expert will educate you more on ‘how long does it take for Invisalign to work’ to clear your doubts. Just ensure that the dentist is experienced and friendly.

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