How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

There are many factors that could alter the taste of your e-juice beyond its shelf life. Though for the most part, products are safe to vape even after they have been kept for too long. We recommend choosing products from Wholesale E-liquid UK that have a longer shelf life.

Let us see how long an E-liquid can last under different conditions.

What Happens To E-Liquid Over Time?

Now, before we get into the details of how long e-juice lasts, let’s get some perspective.

If you have ever opened a bottle of e-liquid before and found strange things floating in it, you have already experienced what happens to your e-liquid after it has been exposed to oxygen for any length of time.

Every bottle of e-liquid is made up of several ingredients including nicotine, flavoring, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and water.

When e-liquid is exposed to air, two things happen: oxidation occurs in the nicotine and other ingredients, and also microorganisms that are present in the air begin to grow in your e-liquid creating gooey substances that look like Vaseline.

How Long E-Liquid Last Does Once Opened?

E-liquid does not last forever once it’s been opened. E-liquid is often sold in 15ml bottles or 30ml bottles and each bottle usually comes with a built-in dropper that allows you to easily drop a small amount of the liquid into your tank.

Typically, you can expect an e-juice to last for 2-5 weeks after it has been opened,

A liquid that has been opened will eventually go off — usually in less than 5 months, sometimes even in less than a month. That is why we advise users to keep their vials in their refrigerator after use.

E-liquid oxidizes and takes on a metallic taste very quickly. Most e liquids don’t state how long they last once opened.

Refrigeration slows down oxidation and allows vials to remain fresh for longer. How long? A good rule of thumb is to refrigerate vials for no more than 3 months after opening,

How Long Vape Juice Lasts In a Tank?

It’s hard to say.

Our best advice is to follow the manufacturers’ instructions on the bottle. Usually, the best before date is at least 1 year after production. Because they are all different, it’s worth checking before using them.

In short, it depends on the kind of vape juice you have, the flavorings, and your tank!

How Long Does PG (propylene glycol) E-liquid Last?

The amount of PG in the E-liquid is an important factor because higher concentrations of PG have a longer shelf life than low concentrations.

It can last up to 2 years, 5 years, or indefinitely if your e-liquid is properly sealed in a plain airtight glass container.

How Long Does VG E-liquid Last?

Vegetable glycerin (VG) e-liquids can last up to 2 years if they are stored properly/

The vegetable glycerin will last for 2 years if the mixture is stored in a cool, dark place.

Bottom Line

Most e-liquid will start to taste stale after 6 – 12 months.

The shelf life of VG depends mainly on the manufacturing process while PG is relatively stable for up to 2 years.

Fresh E-liquid makes your juice taste great and is stable for a year in ideal conditions away from sunlight and moisture.


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