How long can you keep cooked food in the fridge

To extend the shelf life of cooked food used at home or in your catering business, you can use refrigeration and freezing. Any leftover should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator within two or three hours after preparation. This is to stop the spread of noxious bacteria.  

For such scenarios, people need a refrigerator that aids the longevity of food while retaining the taste and nutritious value. For business or for domestic purposes it is pivotal that the refrigerators should come with larger space to fulfill the storing capacity needed. Whirlpool refrigerators have a wide range of technologies that can specifically serve the above-mentioned purposes. Two such varieties are mentioned below in details:

IntelliFresh range of refrigerators has five in one mode features, that ensures the longevity of varieties of food. This fridge consists of adjustable temperature setting using which the temperature can be kept within 35 degree to 40-degree Farenheit, ideal for storing cooked food. It is also defined as India’s most Intelligent Refrigerator as it auto sets the cooling, according to the load inside, the weather outside and usage pattern. The micro-block technology of this Whirlpool refrigerator adapts the respective internal condition preventing bacterial growth up to 99 percent, keeping the taste and nutritional value of any prepared food for 4-5 days.

An important factor for storing large quantity of food in a refrigerator is space. For this reason, the double door refrigerator brings in a convertible model. This allows the user to turn the temperature settings of the freezer similar to refrigerator mode, which definitely makes space for that extra delicacy storing without frosting them.

Other than these there are many other technologies like Honeycomb moisture lock crisper cover, optimum moisture retention, fresh flow air tower with Flexi vents, zeolite technology, active deo, freshonizer, infinity shelves, etc. which serve the purpose of preserving your cooked food the way you want. This refrigerator comes in a wide variety of capacities like 265 L, 340 L, 465 L, 440 L, and 500 L.     

For those who want similar features but for a lower price tag, Whirlpool has introduced the Neo Fresh refrigerator range. This Whirlpool fridge double door has a unique feature, ice gelling technology, that prevents your food from spoiling even during power outages. This refrigerator comes in 3 different capacities 245 L, 265 L, and 292 L.

In addition to the above features, both these variants are highly energy-efficient, have an inverter compressor, and come with an extendable manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to the same whirlpool offers best in class after-sales service as well. Whirlpool refrigerators are made to keep the consumer’s necessity and demand. This is the reason each technology is designed for the purpose of customer satisfaction.  

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