How Long Can You Keep a Skip for?

A skip bin is a large container that is mostly made of metal. Skips come in different sizes and are usually present in construction sites. However, businesses and homeowners often hire a skip to dump their waste. You can put garden waste, demolition and construction waste, litter and/or other waste in it. In the UK, people mostly hire skips for a specific time period. You contact a local cheap skip hire in UK or a more professional skip company.

But a skip bin usually comes with a boundness for how long you can keep it. Skip companies provide bins that they collect after a set time. But most people don’t know how long they can keep a skip. Here are some important things that you should know about skip hire.

How Long You Can Keep the Skip

Like any other hired entity, you have to return the skip. The time for which you can keep it depends on the company and your contract. Generally, you can keep the skip for 3 or 4 weeks. Skip companies charge you an extra fee along with VAT after that.

Different Types of Skip

Waste is typically categorized into Household, Office, Construction and Industrial waste. There are different skips for different waste categories. And the skip type you hire depends on the type of waste you want to dispose of. You can hire a skip for garden clean up, repair projects or handyman maintenance and home renovations. Skips for construction buildings or office waste are larger in sizes.

Material that You Can Put in Skips

You can put paper waste, debris, litter or construction waste in a skip. But you must always hire a skip depending on your needs and waste type. You can also hire a skip to deliver supplies and then to remove the waste. Skips are also used to clean out scrapping materials in factories.

How Long Is Too Long

Most skip companies collect the skip bins after a specific time. But you can keep for an extended time period with additional charges. The time limit may also vary if you have a permit. In that case, the time length will vary as per your local council requirements.

Why You Shouldn’t Keep It for Long?

Many skip companies allow people to keep the skips for around 1 month. But companies usually don’t like the idea of you keeping the bin for months. It’s because the longer you keep the skip, the workload for the company increases.

When you keep a skip for too long, the waste in it may start to deteriorate. The waste in the skip may also have to bear weather conditions. Snow, rain and/or ice can affect the waste contents. The waste can start to rot, become smelly, slimy and wet. If this happens, then the staff has to sort the waste with hands.

How It Affects the Skip Bin

Sorting the putrefied and rotten waste contents is a tough task. But this decomposed waste also affects the skip base. The water present in it may cause erosion. Also, the waste collection company may have to eradicate the smell with a jet wash.

Takeaway Words

Skip hiring is a good idea to dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly way. But you must follow good practices to get the most of it. Place the waste separately according to its grading and return the waste on time to avoid the additional fee. Replace it with an empty skip is a better idea. Also, ask the waste management company about rental duration before hiring a skip.


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