How Long Can You Drive with a Bad Timing Belt?

The last thing you can ever think of during a drive is a Loosen timing belt. A bad timing belt can give you a really bad time for sure.

People often ask: “how long can we drive if our timing belt is broken or out of order?” The simple answer is not even a second. Yes, if you’ve found out that your timing belt is going to give you trouble, then it means that it is something you should have cared for a year before.

Now, you can’t even drive a mile with a broken timing belt. And even if you can you shouldn’t, because you would never want your engine to stop working in the middle of the road. So, the moment your driving belt starts showing signs of replacement, you should stop using your car and seek a mechanic.  

Signs it is Time to Replace the Timing Belt

If you start seeing these warning signs in your car’s engine, then it means that your timing belt is not in good condition and you should replace it as soon as possible so that you won’t have to face a bigger problem.

Whining and Squealing Noise

It requires several pulleys to attach the timing belt with the engine’s crankshaft. So when the timing belt runs out of oil or gets a tear, friction is produced which prevents the belt to work properly, as a result, the belt starts to exert more power to keep it working which then creates whining and whistling sounds. So, whenever you notice these sounds, take your car to the mechanic and either treat it with a lubricate or replace it completely.    

Cracking and Tearing

If your engine is giving you a hard time, then you should inspect your timing belt. If there are some cracks and wears on it, it means that the real problem is caused by the belt, so now it’s time to get rid of your old belt.


When it becomes difficult for the water to disperse away from the belts and the pulleys, this causes the timing belt to aquaplane on the water between the belt and wheels, as a result, more pressure it exerts on the engine and it loses its power to work. So when this happens, then your timing the belt needs replacement.  

Heavy Smoke and Fumes

If there is an irregular amount of large smoke and fume released from the exhaust when you turn on your engine, then it means that your belt is an old one. An overdue timing belt causes the engine to get hot and stop working, so it’s better to replace your timing belt when it’s the right time so that you don’t have to suffer from a large loss.   

The engine will not start

Though there are many reasons for the engine to not work properly, the main reason is a bad timing belt. The driving belt is an important factor of engine combustion and it helps in opening and closing the valves of the engine at the right time, but when the timing gets out of order, it causes the engine to become warm. As a result, the engine suddenly stops working.