How Long Can I Stay In Benidorm After Brexit?


Looking for a change of pace? If your soul is in desperate need of different scenery, wander down the road to Benidorm. Benidorm is the place to be if you feel a tug in your heart for the sea. Benidorm is located on Alicante on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. A small coastal town, it’s a haven away from the hustle and bustle of swift, uncaring city life.

Benidorm is known for a charming amalgamation of the bygone eras and a tourist destination with modern amenities. It is a popular destination for West European tourists, especially from the United Kingdom. It would be well nigh impossible to find a more picturesque spot than dear Benidorm. If you are looking for long term rentals in Benidorm, you can check out the website to look for rentals.


While tourism in Benidorm is a dream come true, has the Brexit phenomena affected any change for tourists?

After reaching closely contested polls, the UK, under the guidance of the Conservative Prime Minister, decided to leave the EU. On the 31st of January, 2020, the UK formally withdrew from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community. While it placed into effect numerous changes, it certainly strained relations between the country and other European nations. UK tourists face more stringent rules and regulations if they wish to visit Benidorm. For long term rentals in Benidorm, you may have to take certain measures to ensure a smooth stay.


1.    How Long Can You Stay in Benidorm?

Benidorm offers much in terms of places to see and places to be. A first-timer who wants to visit Benidorm should know that they will get to see two different eras in one town. There is much to know about this pretty town with its marvellous, pristine beaches. It can take weeks to discover all the singularly wonderful beauties of Benidorm.

2.    What Are Some Things You Need To Keep in Mind As A Tourist?

Like most tourist destinations, Benidorm is rife with scammers, con artists, and so on. As a tourist, you need to keep your wits and your belongings on you. There have been instances of thievery, but if you go with a guide, you can be sure that you’ll be safe. Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself.

3.    Will The Brexit Phenomena Affect UK Tourists?

Benidorm is very welcoming to tourists from far and wide. You can find British pubs galore. UK tourists may need to file for permits if they intend to stay longer than three months.

4.    What Do You Need As A Tourist To Stay In Benidorm?

As a tourist, make sure you have your papers along with you. Update your visas, and ensure that you have a permit if you have to break curfew at night. One part of Benidorm is a more conservative area that upholds its traditions with much gusto and pride. On the other side of the town is a strip that caters to mercurial tourists.


Benidorm is a wonderful place to visit. If you are thinking of staying for a longer period, you need to make certain arrangements to ensure smooth sailing. You can visit wonderful websites like Kuhamia if you are looking for long term rentals in Benidorm. As a UK visit, especially if you are visiting for the first time, make sure your documents are in order. Respect the town and its people, and you will get the most of Benidorm.