How long are video formats offered by Instagram?

How long can Instagram’s video formats be? Well, there are different length requirements for Instagram feed videos, videos for its stories, for IGTV, for ads and for Instagram live. Here, we will have a brief yet detailed look at each Instagram video length limit in detail.

Let us first delve into some of the basics of Instagram videos first before we dive into the length of each type of Instagram video in more detail. Here are some facts about the length of Instagram videos:

  • Length of Instagram’s feed video is from 3 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Length of Instagram’s story video is a maximum of 15 seconds per story card.
  • Video length of IGTV videos: 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Though some accounts have up an hour of video length.
  • Length of Instagram live video is up to 60 minutes.
  • Instagram feed video is as short as 3 seconds and as long as one minute.
  • Length of Instagram story videos is a maximum of 15 seconds per story card with a maximum limit of 3 cards appearing in the story feed.

Video length of Instagram feed

If users are posting videos to their Instagram feeds (home screen of their Instagram profiles), the videos there are limited to just one minute. They can upload videos that are longer than a minute on the condition that they select minute-long segments and then upload it.

Once users have selected their videos, they can tap next and can also tap on trim. Here, they can hold and drag the video segment handle until and unless they have chosen their needed segment. They can also do the same to create shorter segments.

A hack to counter this video length limit

If users wish to showcase more than a minute of a video in a post, they can create a carousel of that post which will have segments of that video (which is as long as a minute).

A carousel post helps users share up to ten photos or videos in a single posting. Then viewers can swipe through them without much hassle. For videos longer than a minute, they can be cut into separate clips as long as a minute.

Users can be able to do this by editing the video in the phone’s camera roll. They can thus save each section as a new video clip.

Then the users can upload those clips in a sequence in the carousel. Users can also trim and edit each video individually. They can also change the order of the videos. If they want to make more changes then they need to take a preview of their carousel.

Length of an Instagram story video

For Instagram stories, users get a 15 second limit on each individual story. If they wish to upload a video longer than 15 seconds, they need to cut it into multiple 15 second segments for the story. On an experimental basis, users can only get four 15 second pieces and works for videos as long as a minute.

For videos longer than a minute, users need to cut them down themselves in the camera roll. Apps such as CutStory help them a lot in this regard. If users are shooting an Instagram story live in the app itself, they can shoot up to 10 stories as long as 15 seconds in a single instance.

Video length of IGTV

If users want to post on IGTV, they will then be able to upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Verified accounts having a lot of followers can have the upload limit extended up to an hour with an exception.

Video length limit of Instagram Ads

If users want to experiment with running advertisements on Instagram, the length for these videos is almost the same as that of organic posts. Ads’ length can be between 3 and 60 seconds.

They are a little complex as they can be made of several cards where each contains up to 15 seconds of a video or single picture displayed for up to 5 seconds. An ad can have up to 10 cards but the first 3 are worth displaying in the Instagram story feed.