How London Offices Can Become Ethically Sustainable Through Green Cleaning Methods

The importance of being green in our personal and professional lives is more apparent than ever and London businesses are already making a great effort to reduce their negative impact on our planet. While cycling to work schemes are becoming more popular and paperless offices are swiftly becoming the norm, there is often an overlooked aspect in the office that can make a huge difference.

A clean office crucial for a business image, staff morale and productivity and keeping everyone as safe as possible from illness. Most offices achieve this with the use of office cleaning London services and as these professionals take care of everything, business owners frequently overlook the processes their office cleaning services use.

Whether a business uses an office cleaning company or delegates cleaning responsibilities between colleagues, being aware of the small changes that can be made to transition to green cleaning and why this is so crucial is important for all London businesses.

Why Are Chemical Cleaners So Bad?

Conventional cleaning products are filled with toxic chemicals and everyone knows the importance of getting rid of these after a clean spree to remove the risk of contamination with food, surfaces and skin.

These chemicals are flushed down our drains and not a second thought is given to them after that. However, this doesn’t mean they are gone forever. Water waste plants do their best to remove these toxins from the water system before releasing water back into ecosystems.

However, it is just a tiny percentage of toxins that is eradicated and the rest is released into rivers, streams and even the ocean.

Fish and other marine life ingest this and over time it can lead to poor health, breeding issues and other problems.


Aerosols are also incredibly detrimental to the planet, damage in our ozone layer can be directly linked to hydrocarbons and compressed gases that are within these aerosols. This is contributing to climate change- something we all know the importance of changing.

Next, we discuss the plastic issue. It’s no secret that we need to reduce our single-use plastics, chemical cleaners will almost always come in plastic bottles. What many don’t know is this plastic is rarely recyclable. Certain plastics must be used to contain these products due to their corrosive nature. These thick plastics will end up in landfill and can take decades to degrade.

There is also employee health to consider with cleaning products. Many common cleaners contain monoethanolamine, an ingredient that is rarely declared on bottles. These can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory issues which could even be fatal. Green cleaning products never contain these, so there is no need to worry about any underlying health issues when using them.

How Can London Businesses Make The Switch?

With so many businesses set in their ways, it can seem daunting making the switch to green cleaning, however, it is nothing to be feared and is very easy.

The easiest way to do so is to look into office cleaning London services that offer a green package. This leaves all the worry up to the professionals who can ensure the best products are used not just for the environment but to also provide the best results.

If businesses want to stay with their current provider, they can speak to them and ask if they can provide office cleaning in London that is green or more natural. Many commercial cleaning London services want to make this change but don’t have the demand to justify it, if more people enquire about this, the quicker change will be made.

Another great place to start is to simply switch the common office cleaning products for natural ones, this doesn’t have to be a dramatic change. For example, using sulphate free washing up liquid, switching plastic sponges for natural ones and even getting rid of those disposable hand towels and opting for washable, reusable ones or hand dryers.

There is a common misconception that natural cleaning products aren’t as effective as chemical cleaners, but this is wrong! Many natural cleaning products can kill cold and flu viruses and even remove other bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella.

Natural cleaners don’t have anything unnecessary added to them, such as scents and this can put some people off as they want that ‘clean’ smell. The solution-simply add a couple of drops of essential oils to the products and the office will be smelling fresh in minutes.

Making the change to green cleaning can make a huge difference to the environment while also benefiting employees, visitors and clients. While it may seem like a drastic adjustment but once initial products are swapped or new green cleaning contracts signed, there will be little difference in the daily runnings of the office but the planet will see a positive change.

Ellen Hollington

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