How Lok Kalyan Samiti is empowering free education in India?

To know how Lok Kalyan Samiti is empowering free education in India, one needs to understand what Lok Kalyan Samiti is all about. It is an NGO based out of New Delhi which was started in the year 1952 to bring about positive change in the society by creating a smoke-free environment, providing hygiene living conditions for the poor. The NGO had its roots as a group of volunteers came together to provide food, clothing, and shelter for the poorest sections of the society who were suffering the hardships post-partition. 


The organisation was started with a group of 12 people who donated about 1 Rupee each and that made 12 Rupees in total. Today, the organisation stands as a very successful model of mitigating poverty. 


Child Education Sponsorship Program 


As the NGO evolved over the years, it became very much evident that providing just hygienic living conditions aren’t alone enough. To make sure that poverty gets eradicated in all of the slum areas in the parts of the National Capital Region, it becomes pertinent to educate the children in the region. 


The children belonging to the poor and the impoverished sections of the society are educated under this program. All the materials and other necessities required to study better are provided at free of cost under this program. 


It is very hard to afford school fees for poor people. This type of scholarship program is known to serve as an excellent method of Providing world class education to the children who cant afford quality education.


The program is named as Sponsor a Child in India. 


Sponsor a Child 


The Sponsor a Child program was started in the year 1975. The volunteers used to walk through the dirty lanes of the slums and provide the necessities. About 2 lakh people were relocated from the slums to other parts of the cities. 


Looking at the tremendous efforts which were taken by the team of volunteers, the LG of Delhi decided to provide a piece of land to carry on the various teaching activities. 


The center turned out to be very much successful owing to the efforts taken like using the survey samples to study the entire population. It was found that apart from just providing education to the children, personality grooming also proved to play a very vital role in the development. 


Recognition by Government of India 


The program became very much successful and became a model for growth at the grassroots levels. A National Award for conferred to the NGO for increasing the welfare of children in the year 2009. 


Donations and Work 


Donations are being received both domestically and internationally. The program is conducted just like a school where equal importance to give to the extracurricular activities as well. There are two shifts and students from various colleges across the city volunteer to teach the children. Health check-ups are conducted at regular intervals to make sure that children are physically fit enough to study. 


Lok Kalyan Samiti is not just a platform for initial growth but a community project which focuses on the holistic development of the children eventually making them responsible citizens. 


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