How Lighting Candles For The Dead Help Us Be At Peace

Usually, Memorial candles are given as gifts. If you have recently lost a special someone, though, purchasing memorial candles for your dead loved one is not a bad idea. Here are the benefits of lighting candles for the dead.

It helps us with our grief

Memorial candles, especially the scented ones, can be very therapeutic. The lavender scent can be very calming, especially during the first few days of your loss. You will have to adjust to a new life without that special person in your life. It’s a significant change and you will need a lot of strength to get over the shock, the sadness, the stress and the longing. Memorial candles can help you cope with your loss.

It keeps our faith strong

One of the best ways to navigate through grief is to pray for our loved ones. Candles have always been used in prayers, no matter your religion. Lighting memorial candles for your loved ones at the altar helps you open a prayer with more strength. In some religions, candles are symbolic of the human soul. Memorial candles are left lit up in vigil during the first few days of someone’s death in memory of him and to help his soul reach the other side.

It helps troubled souls

If the death of an individual was sudden or troubled, it is believed that prayers and candle lighting are necessary. This will help the soul be guided on the other side. Vigil memorial candles are lit up non-stop for this reason and it is especially helpful if the death was a violent one, or if there is suspicion that the soul might come back because it is not yet at peace. For the family of that one that passed on, lighting candles is a good way for them to appease their own anxiety. It’s also a good way for them to pray got the one that passed away so that their souls may finally cross over quietly.

Relive memories

Lighting a candle can also help us remember more. Memorial candles can be customized so that they display the photo of the one who passed away, or his or her favorite verse. Lighting candles is a practice of honoring the dead. When you light a candle for someone who passed on, it’s a gesture that shows how you valued the presence of the person while s/he was still alive. It calms down your grief and makes the loss at least a little more tolerable.

It’s a portal for prayers

Some religions believe that lighting candles is necessary as it is the only portal for prayers and well wishes between the loved ones of the deceased and the deceased’s soul. If your religion believes in this tradition, then it is necessary for you to get several memorial candles.

Design your memorial candles

You may customize your memorial candles to make the items even more special and memorable. Just take note, though of how the candle would look as it melts. Make sure, too, that printing the candle won’t compromise its odor. Choose memorial candles that are scented with non-toxic essential oils.