How Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes Online Investments is Profitable?

You can plan your future with Kotak Asset Management Ltd. it provides a wide range of mutual fund schemes for your investment.  To invest in any Kotak Mutual fund schemes online, you need to create an account. Otherwise, existing investors are just required to enter their folio number or PAN details. But before investing you must check the scheme net asset value, because Kotak Mutual fund NAV can affect the fund performance. To know in detail about the fund investment read this article.


Start investment in Kotak Mutual Fund schemes online with INR 500


To start investment in Kotak mutual funds you are required to invest a minimum of INR 500 funds in any of the schemes. There are different types of mutual fund schemes provided by the AMC to the customer. You can invest in any of the schemes using a suitable investment method. One is a lump sum investment in which the investor can invest a large amount. And another is a systematic investment plan in which you can make weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly investments.


Kotak Mutual Fund NAV of the schemes changes daily with the market rates and it directly affects the fund performance. So if you are new to investing then take the help of a financial advisor. The return of your investment is dependent on the scheme NAV as the annual returns are calculated on its basis. 


What is the current NAV of the Kotak mutual fund schemes online?


The NAV is kept changing with the market fluctuating rates and according to the current data as of 30 January, 2020 of Value Research Kotak Mutual fund NAV are as follows.  


Kotak Tax Saver Fund: Net asset value of the fund is INR 48.59

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund: Current NAV value of the fund is INR  43.34

Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund: The Kotak mutual fund NAV of this scheme is INR 33.32

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund: The fund NAV of this scheme is INR 38.08


Types of Kotak Mutual Fund schemes and their advantages


Kotak Asset Management Ltd. provides different types of mutual fund schemes for your investment. You can invest in the Kotak mutual fund schemes online according to your level of risk and set goals. For regular income at a moderate level of risk, you can invest in debt mutual funds. They primarily invest in money market instruments, bonds, securities and fixed incomes. And for high returns with risk capacity, you can invest in equity or equity-linked saving schemes. There is a wide option of investments for the investor and can invest in any of the Kotka mutual fund schemes online using the AMC services.


Visit the official website of the Kotak Asset Management select the fund from the options and click on ‚Äúinvest now‚ÄĚ. After that there is an option of SIPor lump sum will be shown on your screen. Choose the suitable investment method and enter your registered mobile number to start an investment. Now, plan for a long term investment and yield better returns using Kotak Mutual fund investment.¬†¬†