How Josh E. Kim & Ken Mack Leverages Associations Like The Tinder Swindler To Build Credibility

Josh Kim is a mentee of Dan Pena and a former acquisition entrepreneur who wants to desperately be verified on social media to leverage associations, but he created his own fake IG Profiles as well as keeping his main one private all to make people believe he is someone credible. He networks and associates with people so they think he is trustworthy and credible by providing value of introductions to people so when he connects other valuable to them they both think he is credible for knowing how to add value. Venturing into projects with seemingly credible people like Ken Mack who Josh publicly associates with on their newest venture where they claim they are going to use their latest venture about crowdfunding to help people in Ukraine with the current situation. Ken Mack also leverages authority of other people by taking photos on Yachts in Dubai and other places. Josh spends more time in Puerto Rico than USA Mainland to take advantage of the Tax Advantage of Puerto Rico Legal Loophole to pay 4% tax to save a bit extra money and to use that money to purchase branded stuff to raise his first impression likability whilst Ken Mack utilizes Dubai to pay zero tax.  

Josh Kim has been married to his wife Naomi Kim formerly known as Naomi Akaka for a few years yet because of Josh’s seemingly powerful network by association that he started thanks to Dan Pena advice of building a board including where there are rumors in certain circles he has ripped off board members such as Milo a major influencer but yet because of the credibility of his network nothing is ever questioned further. 

The really amazing thing about Josh is that nobody questions that when Josh is cheating on his wife in Dubai or rumors about multiple women’s who have claimed he threatens them and blackmailing them via private messaging apps like telegram self-destruct features to sleep with them against their will but they comply due to fear. Many entrepreneurs in the M&A game such as Ken want Josh’s help to obtain SBA Loans or introductions to other people to save money on taxes and blatantly ignore his wrongdoings.

Another thing that he does well is nobody rarely sees him with more than 2 different suits from one luxury brand and his louis vuitton bag but the bag and his suits that he associates with because they are expensive gives him credibility itself so people think he is a very successful entrepreneur and it’s a great way to show importance, presenting yourself as successful with nice clothes for first impressions matter right just like the Tinder Swindler? He never stays in one place long so you won’t notice that he does this, which mirrors the Tinder Swindler genius strategy of never staying in one place too long. 

Another thing he does is that he utilizes his dogs to build trust by empathy. He is someone who seems down to earth and leverages the fact he married to make him get to women easier and them to trust him more so nobody would ever believe the women about their claims of his wrongdoing. He created this seemingly perfect image all designed to get deals and close to women that he preys on and makes them feel powerless. 

A great other effort that Josh Kim does is he goes on podcasts a lot as well as other types of media all designed to associate and do deal with podcast hosts and media people where they are endorsing him with his irresistible offer which he has done phenomenally as its payment after for both his tax company and his raising capital company. 

If you look into Josh’s history as well of the seemingly short time he owned Aloha Home Health, his previous legal counsel was one of the largest law firms Denton Legal with all to position himself as a really credible expert to business owners and give him a better negotiation, it really mirrors the genius of the Tinder Swindler which has helped him build seemingly successful companies.

Again Josh is a master of leverage by association and by his move to Puerto Rico so he has extra cash to purchase nicer things to associate his brand better as well as fly more to other places to network to build his credibility by association this is a true genius strategy. I think the best strategy Josh has done is network and utilize those who seem philanthropic to showcase a different image to protect himself against all claims which he can say that it’s just people who are jealous or want to take him down. The real scary thing is like the Tinder Swindler, where there is smoke there is fire but still Josh leverage of association is incredible and hopefully you can learn from these lessons.