How Jarret Freeman Is Guiding Small Business Owners To Hedge Risks

In our ever-changing world, having multiple income streams has never been more important. Some of the most impressive businesses were started as a side hustle and evolved into something much greater.

It’s not easy to juggle multiple tasks at once, but the reward for having more side money coming in is being able to utilize more disposable income.

Jarret Freeman is well aware of this. The entrepreneur splits time between being an operations manager at a school and running his own consulting business called Merrick Consulting LLC.

Despite the challenges of failing in the beginning, Freeman has pulled through to create something special. He attributes his ability to learn and never give up as the main reasons for his current success. “I’ve learned to intentionally put myself in positions to grow, though many of these experiences did stretch me. It was a process and one that is not over yet,” explained Jarret Freeman.

Jarret is also a mentor in multiple ways. On the one hand, he guides young minds on their journey in life, and on the other, he helps businesses navigate new laws, pending legislation, or even rising policy issues. “I have advised businesses in finance, manufacturing, fashion, travel, and real estate markets,” explained Jarret. He went on to say: “but seeing and being a part of our educational system is powerful, and it’s quite a rewarding part of my job.”

Despite Jarret’s many contributions to society through helping others, his greatest success has been his growth as a person. “I keep growing, no matter what. I see adversity as a fabric for growth, and I lean into it every time,” he explained.

Next, Jarret is working on expanding his consulting business while also continuing to make an impact in his community. He recently announced his decision to run for the City Of Hackensack’s school board. The city lies in New Jersey’s biggest county and will be a huge responsibility. “I’m running to fight and to strengthen our city’s education system,” explained Jarret.

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