How is ZenaDrone Changing Business Perspectives?

Drone use has become essential for modern businesses and industries. Aside from their critical role in aerial photography, they can also be used for many other things like farming, parcel delivery, search and rescue, terrain mapping, contract services, equipment inspection, or telecommunications. 

Drones have proven beneficial in various businesses but most notably in the food business sector. Through smart farming technology drones, farmers can monitor their fields daily and act on emerging problems before ruining the crops and affecting the harvest.

That is why Zenadrone intelligent agricultural drone is revolutionizing farming technology.

But what is Zenadrone?

Zenadrone Intelligent Drone 

Zenadrone is an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle integrated with machine learning software systems and artificial intelligence technology. It provides complete farming solutions to current and vast agricultural problems. 

It is an invention intended to help farmers, businesses, and industries improve their enterprises. It is outfitted with a sturdy carbon-fiber body, eight sets of rotators, foldable wings, multispectral sensors, Lidar 360, weather sensors, 4K camera for explicit videos and photos, reinforced stabilizers for steadier hovering capabilities, Li-Po Batteries for extended flight time.

The Impact of ZenaDrone in Businesses and Industries

The ZenaDrone is changing business and industrial landscapes. With its multi-purpose components, it can meet various needs. Using cellular communications systems, the ZenaDrone transmits data from its integrated camera and sensors to the computer terminal and is secured in cloud storage for easy access. This data transmission process is a critical factor in monitoring and tracking field information in real-time occurrence.

Three different sectors can benefit greatly from this innovative UAV technology, specifically: 


Farms can be challenging to manage. Tending acres of land every day can be an impossible task when done manually.  Human labor can be a costly and inefficient form of farm management. Farm size is a factor that can determine the tremendous effort it needs to plant, tend, monitor, track, and harvest the plants or produce.  

However, using a hybrid agriculture drone, such as the Zenadrone, simplifies plant tracking monitoring and capturing in-depth farm data. This smart farming solution combines ZenaTech’s software and hardware features beneficial for farms of various sizes. Going with ZenaDrone for agriculture can help you meet your harvest goals thanks to the following integrated features:  
Plant disease detection – Built-in multispectral sensors make for precision mapping, plant tagging, heat level, and weather sensors, allowing the drone to measure plant health easily. 
Stabilized camera: This innovative UAV solution hosts a lightweight, high-definition camera with built-in stabilization, reducing shakiness. 
OctaCopter drone: The ZenaDrone can hover steadily with eight powerful rotors to give the vehicle upward thrust. It is customizable to add attachments capable of carrying small payloads, making it great for delivering fertilizers, seeds, and natural plant spray.

Industrial Complexes

Some industrial workers are exposed to occupational hazards most of the time. Field technicians, especially working in the repair and maintenance of power lines, communication towers, factory machinery, sewerage, and many more, face risks of injury in the line of duty. ZenaDrone for industry can assist hazardous occupations in site inspections, servicing, and maintenance of equipment. It has the following features beneficial to high-risk professions:

Extended flight time – Using a drone charging pad takes less time recharging means more time surveying, allowing inspectors to cover more ground and assess problematic areas faster. It has a Li-Po battery capable of long uninterrupted flight time.
Intelligent flight modes: Intelligent flight modes allow the farmers to program scheduled flight times and routes for field scanning and routine inspection.
1 TB data storage: One terabyte of data storage allows field specialists to capture multiple angles of high-resolution photos and video footage. 

Commercial Businesses

Drone technology applications can be beneficial in potentially every type of business enterprise. Drones have been used in e-commerce businesses delivering packages to online shoppers. In the construction business, drone use comes in handy when surveying large sizes, vast ecosystems, and bodies of water. 

Moreover, it has also been helpful in rescue missions in dangerous areas, especially when traversing uncertain regions such as mountainsides or steep hills during winter. The excellent news is that field inspectors, engineers, rescuers, and researchers can rest assured with a ZenaDrone for environment and aerial surveys. This is because of the following:

Wireless charging – Charging pads detect the power source automatically and do away with wires and loose cables, making safer charging. It has a fast-charging mechanism to enable a short period of interval between use.
Carbon-fiber body: It can endure harsh weather elements and unstable environments. It has a reinforced carbon-fiber body, ensuring integrity since the shell secures additional durability for prolonged use. 
VTOL – Without needing vast horizontal spaces, ZenaDrone can perform vertical take-off and smooth landing, even in rough winds. 

The Takeaway

The ZenaDrone’s technical components and distinguishable features allow for plenty of uses in various sectors and industries. It allows for high-definition video and image quality for the photography business and is customizable for small payloads in the delivery business. 

ZenaDrone’s tracking capabilities and weather sensors allow for precise, accurate, and real-time data gathering for actionable analysis. These features and more are brought together in one powerful revolutionary hybrid drone that’s more than the sum of its parts. 

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