How is Ulike Air3 different from other IPL hair-removing devices?

Good things come with a price, whether shaving, waxing, laser, or IPL; hair removal is challenging and always comes with side effects. Epilating or waxing leaves you with excruciating pain and dried and bruised skin. Shaving might be a painless experience, yet it increases ingrown hair, blisters, or inflamed hair follicles.

The same goes for laser and IPL; although they provide a seamless and painless experience, they have side effects. Let’s dig deeper to find what aftermaths you’re prone to while trying IPL hair removal and how to find a safe and efficient IPL device.

Side effects of removing hair using IPL hair devices

The side effects can be categorized into two types of consequences.

Usual side effects

  1. Redness and swelling

Since it’s the requirement of the process not to leave the device in contact with the skin for a longer time thus, it leaves the skin swelled up after the process. Although this scarring is light, as the skin retains to normal after 2-3 days of the treatment, it might still be uncomfortable for some users.

  1. Discoloration

Not trying a recommended patch test of testing your skin’s compatibility with the IPL headset could result in skin discoloration or pigmentation. Either hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation doesn’t give an appealing look to the skin. And it’s mostly experienced by people with darker skin. Thus, a patch test is recommended to test and match your skin.

Serious side effects 

  1. Damaging the eye

It’s strictly prohibited by the producers of laser treatments and IPL devices not to try them on your face. Yet some users who used it around the eye area complained of multiple eyesight problems like photophobia, posterior synechiae, and iris transillumination.

It is advisable to read and understand the guidance manual promptly and strictly adhere to the safety precautions. Since the eyes are the most sensitive yet crucial part of the human body, thus taking care of your eyes and face is vital. 

  1. Blisters and burns 

A blister can be defined as something which causes burns to the skin with overexposure to an IPL device to the skin. It’s strictly advisable to understand that although IPL is safe, yet is a machine that allows a special infrared light to pass through your skin; overexposure or usage for a longer time could come up with threatening side effects. 

How Ulike’s Air3 is a better and safer choice?

More than 30 global safety certifications back up the Ulike Air3 IPL headset, which is clinically safe and FDA-approved for all health hazards. A pain-free, safe, and effective device with a thumbs-free auto glide mode delivers flashes every 0.7 seconds to give you a hair-free body in less than 7 minutes.

We hope our guide about using IPL devices with precaution and safety must’ve helped you choose the best IPL device; for information, visit the Ulike shop.

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