How Is Online Consultation Transforming Healthcare?

The advancement of technology has enabled us to even consult our doctors online. You can get answers to all your health-related queries from the comfort of your homes. Online doctor consultation apps have revolutionized the medical industry. Look how online appointments with doctors can be helpful for you. 

How Can Online Doctor Consultation Apps Help You? 

Teleconsultation through the Bajaj Finserv Health app can be quite beneficial for patients with less severe symptoms.

1.     Online Doctor Consultation For Women

Digital consultation with doctors provides unmatched benefits to women with maternal morbidities. It can help expectant mothers avoid the transmission of infectious diseases. With online consultation, expectant mothers need not wait at the doctor’s clinic for hours until their turn comes.

Telemedicine has excellent potential for caring in the case of low-risk pregnancies. Especially during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, online doctor consultation app can be beneficial. They can book their appointment according to a time of convenience. Moreover, there is an option to interact with several health practitioners on the online doctor consultation apps.

2.     Online Doctor Consultation For Children

Children are at the highest risk of contracting a disease during every visit to the doctor’s chamber. Parents can book appointments to meet a doctor virtually. If your child is facing health issues like common cold, nosebleeds, allergies, or constipation, you can opt for online consultation. You need to ask your child to communicate their symptoms to the doctor correctly. The doctor will analyze the symptoms and make a prescription.

3.     Online Doctor Consultation For Elderly

Older patients need regular doctor checkups. However, it often becomes difficult for older patients to commute to the doctor’s clinic for checkups. Moreover, elderly patients are at risk of contracting the coronavirus. It is best for them to not step out of the house during the pandemic. So, teleconsultation can be really helpful for elderly people who have minor health issues.

4.     Online Doctor Consultation For Comorbidity    

People with Covid-19 related comorbidities can also benefit from online doctor consultations. Common comorbidity is diabetes, and diabetic patients can seek online appointments with doctors. The online apps for doctor consultation have self-monitoring blood glucose values. Patients can use those SMBG values to communicate with the doctor. Doctors will recommend proper medications that can prevent hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. 

Benefits Of Telemedicine 

Have a glance at some of the benefits of telemedicine. 

1.     No Waiting Time

The best part about telemedicine is that you don’t have to wait at the doctor’s clinic for a long time. People often avoid making doctor appointments because they don’t find time for it in their busy schedules. Telemedicine allows you to make an appointment during a time slot of your choice. 

You can speak to the doctor from the comfort of your home. You can also seek online doctor appointments when you are in your car or in the corner of your office. It consumes very little time. You don’t have to stress about the long hours for which you have to wait at the doctor’s chamber in case of offline appointments. 

2.     Seek Appointments From Doctors All Over The World 

With offline appointments, you need to choose a doctor whose clinic is close to your house. Otherwise, commuting to the place becomes difficult. But in the case of online doctor appointments, you can book an appointment with a doctor in any corner of the world. You can seek the opinions of more than one doctor without you having to travel. It not only saves time but also helps you in saving travelling costs.

3.     Avoid Contracting Contagious Or Infectious Diseases 

If you go to the doctor’s chamber, you will find all kinds of patients. You don’t know what infections they have. Some of them might be experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19. Even though all safety measures are undertaken at the doctor’s chamber, you can still be at risk of contracting the virus. Therefore, online appointments are the best way to protect yourself from any infections you might get at the doctor’s clinic.

Final Thoughts

Telemedicine has migrated healthcare from hospitals and clinics to the safe environment of your rooms. Book your doctor’s appointment today on the Bajaj FInserv health app.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.