How is Corona Virus Affecting Digital Marketing

Corona virus is a disease that has spread all over the world, impacting our lives daily and is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Social distancing has become the only way to stop the spread of this dangerous disease. The effect is so deadly that even the top companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, and Apple- all got affected. Thus digital marketing is not out of its reach! Due to this social distancing, we have stopped going to our offices and workplaces which has created an impact on our financial lives.  Not only our offices, but this disease has also made an impact on our social lives. Every business irrespective of the size or domain it serves got severely affected due to the pandemic. Let us see how the industry leader “Digital Marketing” is dealing with it! As today, we all are somehow related/connected with digital marketing technology, we all must be keen to know about it, right? Let’s proceed


  1. Decreased investment in ads

As there is a maintained social distancing practiced by everyone, the offices, workplaces, and the factories are closed. There is less supply of goods. And due to the less availability of goods the senior management of the companies is holding back their investments on advertising industries in fear of loss.


  1. Marketing events being canceled

Advertising is very important to run any business, and so to introduce these brands to the audience events are organized. But due to this pandemic, many marketing events got canceled as well as postponed. As a result, many of the companies are organizing their events online


  1. Losing meaningful conversations

Many industries are losing their touch with their customers. This pandemic has given all of us a new way of living, but in which the industries are losing their touch with their customers by lacking meaningful conversations. Try to write good and positive content about your company and utilize your time to create and improvise your content.


  1. A different customer

This disease has given everybody a different way of living and for industries a different customer. People are spending more time online and buying more things from online marketers.  The industries which were not so active have started introducing new products and are molding themselves according to the situation benefiting their companies.


Also, the businesses are feeling the effect of the virus and are announcing cutbacks straight one after the other.


  1. Sites banning ads

Google and Facebook are banning ads that are capitalizing on the virus. Ads that sell home testing kits, masks, sanitizer etc creating misinformation and phishing.


  1. Moving to flexible channels

Business and Marketing managers are switching towards cheaper and flexible options like programmatic advertising with better prospects. Instead of investing in brands, they are looking for better outcomes and more profitability. Somehow everyone wants to somehow move through this state of the moment instead of looking for long term goals, as none of them is sure about the post-pandemic situation.


  1. Long term concern

No industry wants to fail or endure loss. We can clearly see how industries like the travel sector, retail, or events are decreasing their spending and thinking of the long term. Services like online food delivery services and others are experiencing profit from their higher online presence than the other.


There is no doubt that this disease has left a mark in each of our lives, and also in history. The only question that arises is how much more the world will change due to this disease and what it will look like when this pandemic gets over. All the industries are getting affected and marketing dimensions have changed drastically. More digital solutions need to come up so that marketers can survive. People have learned working remotely, where ideas like webinars, remote server accessing, video conferencing, online horoscope matching, doctor’s consulting, etc have become the only way out! We have got to know that promoting our services digitally is the best option one can have, and this pandemic has proved that. We wish to get through this tough time soon and also keep growing digitally alongside, that’s the present and that’s the future!